Casual Church Outfits For Guys

Is the church renowned for its specific dress code? Is it considered a very casual church? Is there anything you shouldn’t wear to church? Is it okay to wear this dress or that dress? These types of questions roam around the head when it’s time to choose outfits for church. On Sundays when attending a church service a person must wear a formal and special dress.

So, in this article, we will give you appropriate outfit ideas for casual church outfits that will bring you some clarity and get you pointed in the right direction.

Casual Church Outfits For Guys

How to Dress Elegantly for Church Services?

  1. Dress modestly and with discretion.
  2. Avoid overly skintight clothing.
  3. Dress comfortably and not too high maintenance.
  4. Choose clean, pressed, and well-fitted clothes for church wear.
  5. Avoid statement pieces and bright colours in church.
  6. Accessorize appropriately for church wear.

Casual Church Outfits For Guys


Casual Church Outfits For Men:

1. Get rid of tie and bow

The church is a formal place and ties and bows are indeed a perfect formal wear set. But sometimes you can choose to part ways with the bows and ties by keeping things simple yet tidy. Clothes such as turtleneck and polo shirts let you a semi-formal attire option without ties and bows. Also, not all churches require you to dress super formal. So sometimes even a well-pressed shirt will do great.

chruch outfit ideas for men

2. Suit Shirt

Wear a crisp and freshly steamed shirt to be presentable. And pair your shirt with a suit. As a casual option, you’ll never go wrong with a solid button-down shirt tucked into a pair of dress pants with a belt on. However, if you want to take it to the next level, you might also consider wearing a blazer. A button-up shirt with a blazer, avoiding ties, the top button done or undone looks incredibly sleek.

3. Perfect Pants

Your choice of pants will also inform the rest of your outfit. Thus, it’s very important to choose the right pair of pant for your church wear. Chinos, khakis, or even jeans are a great choice of pants to wear to church. Just make sure they are wrinkle-free. Wrinkled clothes don’t give you a tidy and smart look. Since most men have blue denim jeans, they pair well with a well-fitted dress shirt for church clothes.

The church is somewhere you wish to seem presentable, even on casual wears. Also, rather than a loose fit, a good fit pant is a better option for you. Baggy clothes give off a sloppy impression.

4. Shoe Choice

Try loafers, boat shoes, or dress shoes if you want to go the extra mile in your church attire. Try matching your shoes to your belt. Looks more impressive. A good pair of shoes will make any outfit you wear stand out. As you choose to wear casual attire to church, a casual white shoe is a good option. they go well with dark wash jeans. Just make sure your pair of shoes aren’t dirty. As for sneakers, you may get by with a pair of minimalist black sneakers but go with nicer loafers, boat shoes or dress shoes for church wear.

5. Accessories

Right accessories bring personality to your church clothes. Dress formal or casual, just a good accessory will present you properly. Also, they give the finishing touch to your outfit, hence, accessorizing is important. From shoes to belts to socks to a nice jacket, there are many options to accessorize what you wear to church as a guy. Accessories that are not as appropriate for church wear include hats and sneakers.


Dressing well for church helps to show you take the occasion seriously while maintaining a strong sense of personal style standards. Even choosing casual attire, keep it simple and not an eyesore. Clothes designed to impress on a “streetwear” level could be problematic for the church. Aim for a smart casual look for what to wear to church.

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