Cottagecore Fashion and Outfit ideas

If you’ve scrolled through social media feed, you might have noticed younger millennials and Generation Z dressed in the aesthetic cottagecore fashion. Recently cottagecore fashion has been a trend that caught the spotlight.

What is Cottagecore?

What actually is cottagecore style, you might be wondering! Cottagecore is a genre that celebrates an idyllic simple life. Moreover, remember Taylor Swift in her new album-Folklore? That’s a cottagecore vibe that she revived in her beautiful album. Cottagecore can be anything that spreads the aura of simple country life and activities related to that like gardening, baking, picnics, and more. Something that vibes with relating to nature, so plain and simply classical falls under cottagecore aesthetic.

How to do Cottagecore Styling?


Cottagecore styling supports embroidery, floral pattern, or knits and simplicity yet exquisite. Prairie dresses, vintage outfits, straw hats, and likes are all part of the aesthetic associated with “cottagecore”. It takes you from the modern age to the simple and peaceful olden golden days of style. Cottagecore styling is done with ease and it offers an effortless vibe that you’ll fall in love with. This is a dreamy fashion style.

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Cottagecore Fashion and Outfits Ideas

Cottagecore is inspired by simpler and more smooth times. The feel of vintage and classics it offers is why it’s hugely popular on social media right now.
Below, let’s know more about cottagecore fashion and outfit ideas so you can revive your social media feed with the very trend #cottagecore?

Cottagecore Essentials for your Wardrobe

Fruits and Floral Prints

Cottagecore dressing relates to being connected to nature. The unique presence of the floral and fruity patterns from dresses to t-shirts to knits to sneakers and more makes these clothes appear more vintage and nature-inspired. The sweet fruit patterns and romantic floral prints are the essentials for cottagecore fashion during summer.

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Gingham Prints


Gingham, a pattern at the heart of the cottagecore aesthetic. A gingham dress embraces rural life closely. The check prints will bring a retro vibe to your wardrobe. Gingham printed pants can be your best friend all year round and gingham printed dress can be flattering on a variety of body types.

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Apron Dress


The cottagecore fashion is incomplete without the vintage-style Apron Dress. Thye dungarees rightly fit your baking and gardening looks. The dress is the right choice for a cool summer look with the feminine silhouette of a dress.

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Smock Details


The folk style stitching or the smock details is another peasant staple that’s essential for those longing to rock on a countryside life vibe. A vintage-styled smocked dress goes pretty well with everything from pearls and heels to sneakers and a sun hat.


Victorian Details


Victorian or Edwardian-inspired dresses will have you feeling more like one of the girls in ‘Picnic At Hanging Rock’. A very old yet stylish astheticness is embraced with the victorian details which makes it a core of cottagecore fashion.

Puffy Sleeves


Cottagecre aesthetics’ key includes the puffed sleeves. The dramatic puffed sleeves make the dress seem more classical and outlive the cottagecore trend. When it comes to sleeves in the world of cottagecore, the puffier, and more ruched the better.

Cottagecore Cardigans


Cardigans might be thought of as grandma’s closet set, but the cottagecore trend proves the humble cardi is anything but stale. Even a cardigan simply put-on over a jeans-and-T-shirt combo emits that aesthetic look. Have you tried it yet? Cardi’s are simple and perfect for looking dressed on or off as per the occasion.



Knits are perfect during winter and fall and warmly hugs the #cottagecore. Moreover, the novel knitwear with fruit patterns can be paired with high-rise denim jeans tucked loosely to finish the look neatly.

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Many might think the sweater vest brings on a teacher alike look. However, they are inseparable from cottagecore styling. The sleeveless sweater-vests seem like a modern twist on the retro vest. Wear it over a crisp white shirt and light blue slim-leg denim for a casual yet work-appropriate outfit.

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Cottagecore Accessories



Just with accessories added to your styling, you can make a simple look turn into the cottagecore. The straw bags, the Thelma pearl design, beaded bags, rattan-styled bags are vintage essence to your summer outfits. After all, bags are perhaps the simplest way to add a country spin to any outfit.

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The sunny days in fields indeed require sunhats. They protect you from sunburns and also adds elegance to your cottage dweller look. Straw hats, buntal hats, boaters during sunny days, and berets during winters serve a neat cottagecore vibe.

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Cottagecore-approved footwear values comfort above all else. The humble clog is undeniably the shoe of the Cottagecore movement. The cottagecore style in shoes includes straps, square toe mule with heels, slip-on flats, and other simpler yet chic footwear. Paired with dresses or denim, they look equally stylish.

Other accessories


The Pearl-Embellished Headband, hairclips, scarf hair-tie, scrunchies, floral, and fruit-designed earrings, bracelets, and all add to the country-core vibes.

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