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Layering Season is upon us and as we all know it’s a great time for men in terms of fashion. The fall season provides great styling options for guys and is an opportunity to step our style game up in more ways than one. The cooler temperatures allow for more layering without sweating right through your threads, allowing us to tailor our looks for a more personal touch. So keeping that in mind I have compiled a list of fall outfits for men that you definitely need to have a look at this fall. So get your wardrobe ready for fall.

Here is a list of essential fall outfits for men:

Knitwear and Sweater

The benefit of knits? Women want to subconsciously touch textured clothing. They are an essential part of the ‘rugged yet cuddly’ fall look. Sweaters don’t usually deviate much in terms of shape or silhouette, so the biggest factor in picking the right sweater is fabric composition. In terms of materials, always go for wool. It’s super warm, odor/stain resistant, a great insulator, and it’s fire-resistant. Cardigans are also a great option when it comes to knitwear, they definitely provide a good layering option and are great fall outfits for men.

fall outfits for men   fall outfits for men


fall outfits for men


Because we all have days where we prioritize comfort over aesthetic, hoodies are a power move. That doesn’t mean that you can’t look both stylish and comfy though. Pick up some slimmer fit hoodies that aren’t tight, but not boxy either.

There’s a common misconception that hoodies are inherently unfashionable, and that’s not necessarily true. Layering a lighter hoodie under a jacket or coat can look great, especially in a casual setting. Wear it with a bomber, chore coat, or trucker jacket for a warm yet stylish top layer.

fall outfits for men


Jackets are one of the most essential fall outfits for mens that you definitely need. They are essential when it comes to layering and offer a lot of variety. Apart from keeping you warm it also helps you style your outfits. When it comes to layering one thing to keep in mind is to have a maximum of 3 layers, with the heaviest layer on the outside. Some of the jackets you can go for are:

  • Overcoats
  • Pea coats
  • Leather jackets
  • Down coats
  • Bomber Jackets
  • Parkas
  • Waxed cotton jackets
  • Duffel coats
  • Topcoats

fall outfits for men  fall outfits for men

fall outfits for men   fall outfits for men


Flannels are a great option when the day is a bit hot. Contrary to popular belief, flannel is actually a type of soft woven fabric. It’s often mistakenly used interchangeably with the plaid pattern, which flannel shirts typically exhibit.

The flannel and chino pant combo has become somewhat of a basic way to style it. Stock up on a few flannels in varying patterns and colors since you could wear them right through winter.

fall outfits for men  fall outfits for men


Henleys are an excellent garment to layer in the falling temperatures and kind of get slept on when it comes to men’s fall fashion. Henleys inherently have something particularly masculine about them, which ties in very well with the workwear-ish style that lots of guys go for in the fall. They also come in knitted designs which are perfect for the fall season. Henleys are also great for layering with a jacket or flannels.

fall outfits for men    fall outfits for men


When it comes to pants chinos are a great option. Chinos come in quite literally every color imaginable, making them a great article of clothing to fine-tune any wardrobe’s color palette. Most chino pants are made from 100% cotton with some styles having spandex added in for increased stretch and comfort. Some chinos also have extra fabric inside which can keep you warm on those chilly nights. When it comes to color for fall you want to choose the darker tones to match the fall weather.

fall outfits for men   fall outfits for men

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