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Harry Styles LookBook Gallery

Harry Styles is one of the most stylish members of One Direction without a doubt. Who would’ve thought the curly-haired kid from one direction would be inspiring people in fashion. Long the most directional dresser of the fivesome, it was around early 2013, that Harry began to break away from the textbook boyband mould. Harry Styles is more classy and different compared to the rest of the group. His outfits mostly include rock and roll outfits or either a classy suit giving a more old age vibe. Tuxedo jackets, printed shirts, the Wyatt boots, and silk scarves became regular features of his on and off-stage style. This Harry Styles Lookbook showcases all of his diverse styles.

Having cut his famous hair off for his Dunkirk role, Harry went on the promo trail for his debut solo album with style confidence many of the world’s leading men should take note of. In 2018, Gucci announced that he would become the face of its tailoring campaign.

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