How to keep off-shoulder tops in place? | Off-Shoulder Outfit Ideas

As put forward by Shakespeare in his play Hamlet, “The apparel oft makes the man”, meaning “The cloth makes the man,” really makes sense in the world of fashion today. And what fashion carries along itself is clothing.

A person’s choice for clothes directly or indirectly relates to the way you carry out your clothes perfectly. Off-shoulder tops have marked its debut as a blockbuster as so many fans of it are around today. The jolliness nature of this cloth piece has made it a favorite of many.

Off-Shoulder Outfit Ideas

To say that off-the-shoulder tops are just a trend is a big understatement. Their undeniable presence on the runway, red carpet, and streets, has turned this style into a wardrobe must-have. So, what are the Off-Shoulder Outfit Ideas? Let’s know them:

Off-shoulder Body-con

Body-con is an absolute piece giving your figure a chic touch-up. Plus, when this dress is off-the-shoulder featured, no wonder you’ll rock the look with all hotness. Add a clutch with peep toes to enhance your look and you’re set to slay the off-shoulder piece.


Jumpsuits/ Playsuits and rompers

Jumpsuits have been a part of ramp since always and playsuits and rompers don’t forget to spread their playful aura around. These so fancy pieces in off-shoulder is an absolute way to make your dressing more interesting and fun. Add a few accessories or no accessories at all. Anyway, you’ll kill the look.


Off-shoulder Shirt and Crop Top

The presentable off shoulder shirts go really well with shorts, denim skirts, or jeans. As for the off-shoulder crop tops, try them out with long or maxi skirts. These jolly looks will make your day jovial.


Off-shoulder Dresses

The so merry off-shoulder styling is even wonderful with dresses. Be it your evening dress, picnic dress, or your favorite maxi-dress, off-shoulder styling featured to them makes your dress and you even more pleasant and presentable. Suit your outfit with sweet pairs of heels or flats or plumps, to get prettier enhancements.


Off-shoulder traditionally

Don’t you think off-shoulder is such an adorable set of fashion? Why not try it out in your traditional getup? An off-shoulder top with sari, lehenga, or your kurthee suit will definitely gain some eyes on you. Even wonderful will your styling be with a cape top.

By the name off-shoulder, it makes clear that the charm you carry within your shoulder is for showing off. Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses are such a cute way to show a little skin and be whimsical with your style. But then, as playful in nature, they trick by not staying a put at its place. They constantly ride up with almost all the time and we end up spending a better chunk of the day engaged in a tug-of-war game with our own clothes.

By the way, the problem can be solved easily. How to keep the off-shoulder top in place is a query no more. All you have to check are the instructions, as mentioned below:

How to keep the off-shoulder tops in place

Pick the right size

Comfort is a priority. And choosing the right size is ensuring your comfort. That, off-shoulder piece either too tight around your shoulder or too loose receiving your almost attention isn’t okay. Your off-the-shoulder top should hold comfortably on your shoulders not cutting the arms. Choosing a top that snugs a little around your bust line can also help to have the top stay at a place.


Pins and ties trick

A quick and genius trick to have off-shoulder in place is featuring safety pins and hair ties to it from the inside. This is a great support to have the top in place, without hampering the dress and your choice of dressing for the day. The do’s you’ll need for trying this trick goes as;

Collect 2 stretchable hair ties and four safety pins.

Secure each hair tie with a safety pin on each side of it. It will look a bit like a bungee cord with safety pins on the outside and elastic in the middle.

Then, pin the safety pins at the order of front to the back towards the top of your sleeves, where they’ll be concealed, like a seam or elastic.

Repeat the same on the other side as well.

When dressing, weave your arm over the elastic and through the sleeve so the hair tie rests under your armpit.

Hence, you’re all set to flaunt your so preferred off-shoulder without having to be too conscious of handling the dress now and then. Do try this hack and don’t forget to share your reviews in the comment section there.

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