How to Style a Blanket Scarf | Styling Tips & Outfit Ideas

As winter approaches, we’re all seeking heat and coziness. With all woollen and snuggly clothes, the final touchup of a scarf is the best and makes you feel the warmth. And the blanket scarf equals additional thermal energy on frosty days. It’s one of the essentials of a winter wardrobe staple. It not only becomes a warmth provider to you on chilling days but is equally stylish and adds contemporary essence. For a cool-chic look with a blanket scarf, you’ll want to know “how to tie a blanket scarf” or “how to style a blanket scarf”?

What is a Blanket Scarf?

A blanket scarf is as it sounds: A very large piece of warm fabric typically shaped square or rectangle, even suitable to use as a blanket. Blanket Scarf are popular as lifesavers during winters for their versatility and the warmth they provide. But as huge it is, as tricky it is to style up. Blanket scarves can be intimidating and not holding proper attention might make you seem sloppy.

How to Style a Blanket Scarf?

There are variables for “how to tie a blanket scarf” and here are mentioned a few ways for styling it. It’s winter yet stay warm and fashionable with the tips on how to style a blanket scarf.

Tying a Blanket scarf into:

The Classic Loop

The traditional and most popular way to tie your blanket scarf. Simply twist and fold the scarf around your neck while letting the ends hanging downward. This standard style will never be out of fashion.

The Bandana

You might have noticed this style of tying a blanket scarf as a part of cowboy style. That’s what make sit even more chic and classic. Fold your blanket scarf from corner to corner, forming a triangle, and then wrap the corners around the neck. There you go!

How to tie a blanket scarfThe other modified way with a bandana style, you can tie your scarf and also show off the flairs. Don’t hide the ends and pull them through the front to show. Perfect and stylish.

The Infinity Scarf

To get the infinity scarf look, just gather up your scarf and put it around your neck. Let one end be longer than the other. Now loop it around your neck and tuck the longer end under the loop. Adjust it to your wish and you’re done. This makes your neck seem contained and also gives a neat sight to your outfit. Simply you don’t get buried by a blanket scarf.

The Pull-Through

how to style a blanket scarfEffortlessly stylish. Simply create a loop on your scarf and pull the ends through it. Goodbye to the bothersome long ends. Sweet and fashionable.

For those willing a more dramatic look, create a braid in the pull-through style. First, pull only one end through the loop and then weave the other end through the loop to create a braid. Voguish and unique.

Style your Blanket Scarf as:

Simply Warm

Generally, put the scarf over your neck. And let the two ends fall straight down the front of your body. A carefree elegance. Might seem simple but a bold-looking scarf will just be the right statement piece.

The Cape

Folding your scarf into a triangle simply wrap it over your shoulders on colder days. An extra bit of layer and an extra bit of warmth. You can also style your scarf as a cape even simply, without folding it into a triangle.

The Poncho Look

This is one of the warmest blanket scarf styles. Fold your scarf into a triangle and rest the scarf over your shoulder like a cape. The two ends dangle in front of you. For a more neat look, add a belt and create the belted poncho style. That’s elegant and a fabulous cardigan looks too.

Asymmetrical Wrap

After placing the blanket scarf over the shoulders like a cape, throw one side over the opposite shoulder carefreely. This asymmetrical wrap adds an interesting essence to a simple outfit. Add glam and ladylike vibe to an otherwise simple outfit.

And there it is. Tie and style your favorite blanket scarf as you wish to this winter. Have a chic and fashionable winter with these styling tips on “how to style a blanket scarf”.

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