How to Style a Bodycon Dress? Outfit ideas

Bodycon dress lovingly outlines the silhouette. Thus, many people keep seeking “how to style bodycon dress” so they can add it as their wardrobe essential.

How to style a bodycon dress

Bodycon dresses have been popular since designer Herve Leger in the 1990’s gifted a wonderful bandage dress to the fashion world. That’s where bodycon got inspired and evolved from. And since then, the dress showing off every inch of the feminine profile has been loved and been a wardrobe staple of many fashion inspiring peoples.

How to style a bodycon dress?

The bodycon dresses can be seen always being there as a go-to outfit. Bodycon is really easy to pull off and moreover, this graceful piece can be your outfit option for a casual day, office wear, attending a formal event or on a night out. Thus, let’s find a few ways to style the bodycon dress:

Minimal accessories

Too many accessories with the bodycon isn’t a good idea. Rather than enhancing your sexy look, it shall seem overly done. Thus, avoid accessorizing excessively and keep it simple. Simple statement pieces such as neckless or earrings sweetly make your bodycon to be the main show-stealer.

Layer and flare

Layering is always fun. And bodycon is such a versatile piece that adapts pretty coolly with layers. Add a warm knit sweater during colder days, and during other times, a lovely kimono outer, or a cool denim and leather jacket offers you a variable look with a single bodycon. I absolutely love the idea of layering.

Shoes make a difference

Bodycon can make any pair of footwear from normal to glorious. Thus, on a casual day you could pull off sneakers with your bodycon whereas shiny heels are perfect for formal events and parties and it doesn’t end here. Thigh-high boots are lovely during colder days to flatter your bodycon. Try different styles to achieve a vivid look on different occasions as you need to.

Choose underclothes and bodycon wisely

Choose your undergarments properly so that the bodycon enhances your silhouette in a more flattering manner. A wrong innerwear can make you go from flattering to unnatural. Thus, choose your underclothes cautiously with your bodycon.

how to style a bodycon dress

While in the case of bodycon, you could choose a bodycon that best features your shape and size. As an example, if you’re pear-shaped, a dress that emphasizes your upper-half is more suitable. Thus, a right bodycon will help you not look unbalanced.

Try out patterns

Plain bodycon is famous and as much popular are patterned and printed bodycon. They are something sparkling material and you ought not to be afraid to try them out. Yes, patterns are vibrant and inspiring and featuring you bold and beautiful.

Right bags

Choosing bags is important when you dress in bodycon. A proper sized handbag for formal events or a cute clutch for evening parties is just charmante. As for informal and casual moments, tag along with a trendy bag for yourself. That’ll fashionably complement your look.

And with that much, you’ll always have a voguish look on a bodycon. No wonder, you’ll also get a few more compliments. Thus, if these styling tips on how to style a bodycon was helpful, make sure to share your happy experience with your favourite bodycon in the comment section. It’d be lovely hearing from you.

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