How To Style A Peplum Skirt

What is a Peplum Skirt?

Understanding simply, Peplum Style is a short, gathered, slightly flared strip of fabric, fused together with another garment piece. You might have seen blouses, tops, and jackets with Peplum style, where they accentuate a narrow waist, or light materials to create a casual sense of elegance.

Women’s fashion of skirts has no limit. And no wonder what the next style homes, it’s adored by many. Peplum skirts fall into a popular fashion group. It’s trendy, stylish, and more elegant. The cloth piece is figure-flattering. It encourages you to present yourself as classy and bold. Actually, it’s a solution. Peplum skirts give you a feminine silhouette. Also, they carry away extra attention to your waistline and hips. So today we’re going to show you How to style a peplum skirt and up your style!

How to style a Peplum Skirt? Is it a tough task?


The garment is great for formal events and parties. Besides, they act out pretty well on all the other occasions. While styling, choose your Peplum skirt carefully, like classic black or other dark colors for the office, colorful and bright colors for casual days of summer, or floral and prints for looking much livelier and inspirational at other times.

Short Peplum Skirt

Longer Peplum Skirts


With a mini-Peplum skirt, you can choose a button-down shirt or ruffle blouse. Besides, other laced and normal tees also go pretty well. Wear platform sandals or heels. And accessorize, gently or bold based on the color and pattern of the skirt.


Whereas, with knee-length and midi skirts, you can try printed or plain shirts, also casual tops or sleeveless. They go out to cool and pretty with heels and ankle straps. Add a clutch to finish the look.


Ruffle doesn’t fail the Peplum style. Ruffle skirts are no wonder Peplum skirts. They seem playful but still friendly with your styling and comfort. How glamorous!!

Peplum Skirts: Outfits


Try out the peplum skirt with a shirt to look professional. You can have your shirt patterned or plaid and fitted. Whereas, keep the skirt plain in color. Now, complete the look with pointed-toe pumps and a necklace to look elegant and professional.

How to style peplum Skirt

Bodycon skirts show you are pretty and chic. Wear along a fit top attaching the statement piece, a necklace. That’s ideal to show off your curves. A nice pair of heels put extra effort to show your attractive side.


Floral skirts are extra and cheerful looking. Wear a plain tee that matches your floral skirt, so that your floral skirt becomes the highlight of your outfit. Pair matching suede platform heels to look even more cheerful and playful. Since everything matches, carry an extra looking purse to take your outfit to another level.

How to style peplum Skirt

Mate your skirt along with a sweater and shirt. Wear the shirt inside the sweater while letting your shirt’s collar peek out. That’s gonna look more awesome when paired with ballet flats.


A semi-formal look on a peplum skirt would be with a plain black or white t-shirt which is thicker and made of solid fabric. Add pale heels with a statement necklace or bracelet to complete the semi-formal look. Easy and ultimate.

No wonder, a ruffle skirt is the perfect outgoing outfit. It keeps you sexy while elegant. Apply an off-shoulder or a delicate lace top for a voguish and refreshing look. Finally, complete the look with a shining pair of heels. You’ll look beautiful.

Few Tips on How to Style Peplum Skirts

  • For monophonic skirts, you can apply printed or bright looking tops like polka dots or striped ones.
  • Add statement accessories such as belts or jewelry for enhancing the look.
  • You can also try a monochromatic look for looking unique.
  • Heels are preferred with Peplum skirts as they show you higher and more slim visually.

Aren’t Peplum skirts a wonderful choice? Share what’s your way of styling “the very versatile Peplum skirt” via comments.

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