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The polo shirt is a men’s style staple and a business casual essential that every guy needs to have. The polo shirt is one outfit that doesn’t get as much love as others or even the attention it deserves. As a classier alternative to the traditional T-shirt, you can easily dress this up or down, just by adding key pieces to complement it. So today we are going to change your idea of the polo shirt and how you can wear them on a daily basis from casual to the more dressier side. These style tips can add another dimension to your wardrobe. Here is a list of style tips on How to style a Polo Shirt with a few Outfit Ideas.

Polo Shirt and Shorts

The polo shirt is, in my opinion, one of the most versatile options of Polo Shirt you can possibly have. Throw it on in the summer with a nice pair of flat front shorts to crush it anywhere you go. If you want to dress it up a little bit then tuck your polo shirt in. Throw on a pair of flip-flops or even a great pair of boat shoes with it. Wearing your polo with shorts is an amazing day date outfit. Opt for monochrome colors to create a streamlined and timeless style or try a separate combination. For casual days, keep the polo untucked and ensure that it’s well-fitted.


How to Style a Polo Shirt


Polo Shirt With Chinos

The next option is what I call business casual 1.0 this is business casual perfected. Sitting between semi-formal and smart casual, chinos are a great clothing choice to finish off an outfit with a polo shirt. Keep your look polished and sleek by tucking your top half into the pants, and complete the look with white sneakers, loafers, boat shoes or derby shoes.


How to Style a Polo Shirt

Polo Shirt With Sweatpants

Keep it relaxed and cool with a polo shirt and sweatpants. The smart top half gets an instant casual vibe with the comfortable bottoms. Polish off your look with stylish low-top sneakers, snapback and duffel bag. To avoid looking sloppy, make sure the clothes are fitted and clean – there’s a fine line between athleisure and messy. When it comes to sweatpants make sure you go for something that is fitted properly like joggers. You don’t want your sweatpants to look like it belongs to your dad. Cuffed, slim fit joggers are the perfect streetwear option for a navy or black pair – then team these with a plain polo shirt with a sharp collar.

How to Style a Polo Shirt  

Polo Shirt With Jeans

Polo Shirts also look great with jeans. If you are looking for something casual to wear on a normal day out then the polo shirt and jeans combinations are a great option. Wear the jeans with a nice belt and tuck the polo shirt in if you are going for a bit more classier look. If you are going for just a casual look then don’t tuck the shirt inside. For shoes, you can wear anything from casual snickers, loafers or even chukka boots.


Polo Shirts and Tailored Pants

Polo shirts are really diverse when it comes to styling options. Apart from being a casual outfit, it can also be made into something a bit more classier by wearing it with a nice pair of tailored pants. Tailored pants can be of various designs and styles which gives you an even wider option to choose from.

How to Style a Polo Shirt    

Things to consider when wearing a Polo Shirt

There are a few things you need to consider before buying a polo shirt and even when wearing one.

  • Always go for a fitted polo shirt, not tight. They should drape nicely over your body without showing off your arms like a poser.
  • Avoid tucking a polo shirt into shorts. It’s a little too preppy looking. Go the half-tuck if you insist on some level of tucking.
  • Whether you prefer pique or jersey, ensure your polo is a thicker material that washes well and holds its shape.
  • Avoid garish logos and designer name brands. It’s showy and tasteless.
  • Inject a polo shirt into summer suiting. A night colored single-breasted linen suit is a great choice. As is a light neutral double-breasted suit or blazer. Wear the polo open at the neck, with the collar flared for a retro look or standing crisp for a modern take.
  • Ensure you have a few color options to move between, in your wardrobe. Classics such as black, white and grey are essential but chuck in a fluro pink or a pastel yellow too. Keep patterns and color blocking for day time dressing, sticking to neutrals and knitted polos for night time.
  • Most polo shirts come with ribbed folded collars, keep an eye on this over time and if it starts to crumble or roll in on itself it’s probably time to look at buying a replacement.
  • White sneakers, loafers, and sandals are the ultimate polo shirt shoe. Boots and leather dress shoes tend to kill the easy-summer vibe (unless you’re wearing a suit).
  • Finally, don’t pop your collar. Leave that to Usher.

Hope these tips on How to Style a Polo Shirt can be useful for you and give you a new outfit idea.

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