How To Style A Romper | Style Tips and Outfit Ideas

“How to style a Romper?” The lovely romper is cute, flirty and a fun outfit for hotter days. No wonder, it’s an absolute yes dress to be a part of your wardrobe. What’s amazing is that rompers portray you perfectly dressed whether for a casual or special event. The key is, it makes you stylish and gorgeously outlines your silhouette. 


The one-and-done fabric piece is fun to style as well. How? Let’s find below:

Add Layers to Your Romper

Rompers can be found in variations of fabric and designs. No wonder what romper you choose to dress for the day, a simple layering can make your outfit seem fun and elegant. While for a casual day, just try sneaking a cool T-shirt or a lovely top piece underneath your sleeveless romper. A pair of sneakers will add coolness to your outfit. See how the style shine.


While for a formal day, put on a blazer over your romper. A smart office look!! Also, you can try layering your romper with leather or denim jacket and cardigans during colder spring-autumn days to stay warm and seem cool together. Try to coordinate the colors of your pieces so that they complement each other.


Accessorize Your Outfits

The romper is such an outfit which is just easy to style. Whether you accessorize yourself or not, you’ll rock the look. When you feel like matching a few statement pieces to enhance the look, don’t get afraid to accessorize. Add statement necklace and earrings as per your outfit. Some rompers just go well with a lovely and lively earring, making you look more classy. Even necklaces add to the elegance. But don’t add too many statement pieces at once. That makes you look overdone.


Some rompers have elastic waists and they emphasize on giving a lovely definition to your figure. Thus, it can also be fun to add a belt to dress up the romper a little bit. Define your waist with a trendy belt.

Choose the Right Footwear

Footwear is vital for defining your outfit. You can take a romper from casual to glam by simply changing your shoes. A pair of heels will make you look more dressed up. Thus, a heel that complements your romper is just great for attending an event.

Pairing a romper with sneakers is a great way to be fashionable. On the days when you’re having to walk around a bit like shopping days, sneakers will keep you comfortable and stylish at the same time. Flats and sandals also very well complement your romper during picnic and hangout days.

More Tips For Wearing Rompers

Here are few of the tips and ideas to make your romper outfit just wow:

  • Choose the right fit that has the right length. If you can, try on a romper before purchasing it to make sure the arms, body, and legs aren’t too constricting.
  • A change of shoes can really elevate any look, so play around and have some fun.
  • Long rompers can be worn with leggings and tights underneath during colder days to enjoy your favourite romper all around the year.
  • Adding a tee underneath your romper helps to change the look and the vibe. A tighter fitted tee is a nice choice to avoid looking bulky.

And that’s how you can have a transition from a shabby to stylish look with the so perfect and versatile romper. How do you love to style the elegant romper? Share with us in the comments.

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