How To Style Chelsea Boots for Mens

The Chelsea boot has an ankle high profile, which can really make a strong impression. This is why it’s an important wardrobe staple for every stylish gent. Since, these boots are fashionable, comfortable along with being versatile, they give you numerous options to be go-to footwear with vivid outfits.

How To Style Chelsea Boots

Thanks to J. Sparkes-Hall, who was also a bootmaker for Queen Victoria, for inventing these voguish and peculiar Chelsea boots. The unique boots shot to stardom in the swinging sixties and were a favourite with mods and rockers. His invention today, has been of help to a lot of fashion-inspired people to seem effortlessly charming and stylish. From formal to business to casual days and more, let’s find out on about “How To Style Chelsea Boots”.

Casual with Chelsea Boots

With Jeans

If you’re scouting for a casual yet seriously stylish ensemble, Chelsea boots are the simplest way to inject an added touch of sophistication into your outfit. Put on your favourite jeans pant as a part of the outfit and finish off with Chelsea boots. This look is perfect for a day out or during the fall and winter. A dark top, light jeans pants, and dark shoes will create an eye-catching outfit.

With Chinos

Because of the narrow, elasticated fit of the boots, it’s an idea that you keep the hemline of your chinos right above the endpoint of boots. No wonder, the show-stealer are Chelsea boots. Chelsea boots & chinos can also be used to add a stylish edge to outfits that need something extra. Chelsea boots with chinos make a great go-to option that can suit several styles.

With Hat

Hat and Chelsea Boots can be complementary to one another. Match the hat and boots with the same shade and yes, that’s a fine look. Try this look during your trips or weekend plans and shine out.

Smart Casual

Smart casual gives you plenty much option. Either choose a t-shirt or a shirt to dress up. Also, you have an option between leather Chelsea or suede Chelsea boot for completing this semi-formal look. For smart-casual looks, the Chelsea boot provides the perfect solution as the simple silhouettes work well with other semi-formal wear.

Formal with Chelsea Boots


Chelsea boots are the most formal boot, which is why you can pair them with a suit of any colour. Your suit needs to have slim pants because they’ll look the best with the cut of the boot. This combination will make you look great, feel more confident, bold and of course stylish and inspiring.

Business formal

Yes, Chelsea boots are an option for your business attire as well. While you are in your formal business suit, add Chelsea boot as your complimentary piece. Since, Chelsea boots are made of materials that give it perfect finish and clean-polished look, seem professional and smart with it. Just in- make the colour of your boots either black or dark brown.

Contrast look

Trying on a contrast look with your irresistible Chelsea boots definitely portrays you more fashionable and humorous. To intentionally create a contrast look will involve the combining of opposing colours on the colour wheel. Make your outfit monochromatic and choose the boot colour opposing the outfit from the colour wheel.

Outfit ideas with Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots aren’t that hard to style as they are versatile and go-on with various outfits. But still, these could be some good outfit ideas to stick with intimidating Chelsea boots through-out the year.


Longer bottom wear

Chelsea boots are to be worn with full-length jeans, trousers or chinos only. Thus, avoid wearing them with shorts. Another helpful idea- They look better when paired with slim-fit bottom wear rather than baggy ones.

With Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket and Slim-fit Jeans along with the Chelsea boots!! The combination of these attires already sounds exciting. Pull-off a biker look with the leather jacket and cooler look with the modish Chelsea boots.

With Jeans Jacket

Wearing black jeans, a black shirt, and a blue jeans jacket creates a pop of colour, which makes the outfit more interesting. Black Chelsea boots work well for this outfit.

With Long Coat

Chelsea boots are perfect for winter. It gives warmth and keeping the wet weather out of your socks. Pairing with winter long coat makes looks an eye-catching style.

Socks with Chelsea boots

Something as simple as wearing chinos and socks matched together is a better combination for those who appreciate casually cool styles. Even if your jeans or trousers are tailored high, the sock doesn’t show, so the colour isn’t hugely important.

Tips with Chelsea boots

  • When you choose to buy a Chelsea boot, make sure to invest in the higher quality boots.
  • Take good care of your boots to avoid damages and tearing down too soon.
  • Leather boots should be preferred for formal looks and suede for the casual attires.
  • Let the end of your chinos, jeans or trousers sits just over the top of your boots for a more trimmed and smart look.

How To Style Chelsea BootsAnd that makes Chelsea boots an outstanding, versatile and effortless footwear to style. Which is why Classic and timeless Chelsea boots are a must-have in your footwear collection. What is your favourite way to sport them?


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