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Why are hoodies so popular among women and men nowadays? First of all, they are very comfy, warm and cozy. Secondly, they look gorgeous with almost all pieces of clothes, accessories, and shoes from elegant skirts to sporty wide-leg pants, from baseball caps to chic berets, etc. We can wear a hoodie in every season. As it’s an all-year-round outfit, how to Style oversized hoodie, can be a concern.

Some people have no idea to wear a hoodie. So, here we are mentioning some tips on how to style an oversized hoodie.


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Layered Look

The hoodie is a great layering piece for a day in the city, which will help you look sharp. When used as part of a layered look, the hoodie can rock your world. To get this look wear a hoodie over a simple T-shirt, then add an overcoat or jacket. Wear slim jeans or skirts and wearing a pair of sneakers or converse shoes. If wearing a skirt you can wear a pair of boots.

Hoodie HoodieHow to Style Oversized Hoodie  How to Style Oversized Hoodie

Athleisure Look

People want to wear clothes that can make them comfortable and cool. As people find hoodie as a comfortable cloth and they love wearing it. So, to make it better or to feel a more comfoy, pair hoodie with fitted joggers. Match the joggers and hoodie as a set. To finish the look, wear a pair of minimal leather sneakers. Follow this look and you can have a cool chic look.

How to Style Oversized Hoodie   How to Style Oversized Hoodie

HoodieHow to Style Oversized Hoodie

How to Style Oversized Hoodie

Under a Leather Jacket

The pairing of a hoodie and a leather jacket is one of the beautiful pairings of all. This style is worn in seasons to seasons. It gives you a cool vibe and comfortable. To have this look use a black leather jacket over the hoodie. Add indigo jeans as a base, you can choose any color of jeans but to look better we prefer to wear black indigo jeans. For more smarten look wear a pair of Chelsea boots.

Hoodie  How to Style Oversized Hoodie How to Style Oversized Hoodie    How to Style Oversized Hoodie

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Over a long dress or shirt

For a high fashion look, wear a hoodie over a long white dress or shirts. You can choose any color of the dress as you want. Then add blue jeans as a base or you can wear shorts as well if you want to. Wear matching sneakers or converse shoes or you can also a pair of comfortable flat sandals.

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Pairing with trousers

Wanna have a cool and casual look, then pair the hoodie with trousers or wider leg trousers. If you are wearing wider leg trousers then fold the end of the trousers it will look more fashionable. Then add a pair of sneakers.

Hence, these are the 5 best styles to wear a hoodie in a very comfortable way. Read the following content and make your hoodie look cool and very fashionable. If you have any other ideas or any queries leave us some comments

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