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With the arrival of winter, what comes to mind as the first glimpse is the extreme coldness and you getting inside the cave of bunches of clothes to survive it. You might have had an awesome summer in your easy shorts and flattering t-shirts. But they aren’t going to help you in the winter. That’s not a problem though. Lots of cool winter outfits are ready to make you feel warm, cozy, and beautiful. Oversized sweater is fashion for winter and how to style oversized sweater is concern of many.

Styling Oversized Sweaters

In fact, oversized sweaters are one of the pretty winter outfits that you’re in search of. These oversized sweaters would add some masculine essence to your outfit but make you look more adorable, cute, and feminine while keeping you warm and so comfortable. If only the outfit is properly styled, your winter would go just awesome with this pleasing piece of cloth. Onward, here are a few ideas on how to style oversized sweater in the winter. 

Styling oversized sweaters with Tailored bottoms

It’s tempting to pair oversized sweaters with equally cozy pants but combining too many slouchy pieces can often look sloppy. It’s best to restrict the loungewear for actual lounging and pair oversized sweaters with structured pieces to create an interesting contrast. When it comes to wearing any boxy or oversized top, a good rule of thumb is to keep the bottom half of you looking more tailored. It keeps your look balanced and gives you that effortlessly chic look.


Skinny jeans give you a more featured look and absolutely go well with your oversized pieces but the tailored ankle pieces or leathered leggings would more upgrade the way you portray yourself. This is a perfect tick-to-go-to-office look making you look more professional as well as attractive. That’s one answer on how to style oversized sweater.

Oversized Sweater and Jeans

You can never go wrong wearing an oversized sweater with jeans. They are perfect for casual days and also looking great. Wear them with nice chukka boots to complete the look. Besides feeling comfortable, this outfit will also look comfortable and is easy to throw on every day. You don’t have to think too much about it. Just make sure your jeans have some give, so you can tuck in the sweater comfortably. Makes your oversized sweaters look good by paring them with perfect jeans.

How to Style an Oversized SweaterHow to Style an Oversized Sweater

Oversized Sweater outfit: Tall or Ball 

Oversized sweaters are of two kinds, one being a boxy, shorter oversized fit, and two being a more straight, but longer fit. Depending upon your height and body shape, either might go best with you. If you’re shorter and you in a long and baggy sweater, it would make you look like a good in the sack, and you wouldn’t want that.

How to Style an Oversized Sweater

How to style oversized sweaters

Sweaters that are too long can make your legs look shorter, which might be okay if you’re super tall, but not ideal if you’re short. But crowning, both are super nice pieces to put on for making you look more flattering and flaunting.

Oversized sweater idea: Tucked in

The very ideal and most loved way to style your oversizer is simply tucking your sweater into your pants or jeans. It makes oversized tops look more stylish and intentional. It also helps to elongate the legs and if you’re short it’s a must-try trick absolutely made for you. Tuck it at the front or the side, tuck it semi or full, tuck it messy or neat, all of these tricks will help you add sweetness to your look. That’s a query solved: “how to style oversized sweaters.”

Frumpy V Stylish

There’s a fine line to walk with big sweaters and you don’t want to fall on the frumpy side. Giving an old-fashioned look might suit someone but doesn’t go well with the trend. Thus, rather than picking up upper sized clothes than your actual size, it’s more perfect to buy the oversized sweater made for the purpose of oversized. And that is how to make oversized sweaters look good on yourself.

Sweaters that are designed to be oversized will fit your arms and shoulders appropriately leaving you looking styled, not frumpy. Also picking up higher sizes would later show your sleeves and neck folds so bold that it’ll be too obvious you picked the wrong size. 

How to Style an Oversized Sweater


Heeled and Chilled

Oversizers would make you look too casual thus for the best elevation of your look is to simply chill out with a pair of perfect plump or heeled boots. That would elongate your legs and give some edge to your look. Dressing so casual yet so formal is something you ought to try and feel nice. Incase heels are not on your side, flats with pointed toes can also help you look really nice.

How to Style an Oversized Sweater

Inside Out

Try by having a turtleneck beneath your round-necked oversized knit or sweater. Make sure the turtleneck isn’t so tight that you’d feel like choking. This outfit will make you look casual as well as smart. The other way can be simply putting on your shirt and your oversizer(length until your waist) upon it showing the shirt within.

How to style oversized sweaterIt adds an essence of the peplum effect to your look. What would look more interesting is putting on an oversized sweater over your summer dress. Tucking the oversizer in the waistline of the dress would add bagginess around the top and give a scoop hemline at the bottom which creates a bit of the waist area. It gives you a peculiar look and shows off your dress a little as well. A foolproof way for how to style oversized sweaters, right!!?

The problem of what to do with a big sweater is all over if you try out these cool dressing hacks. The oversized sweater is the perfect outfit to wear on the winter to make you seem so styled, attractive, cool, cozy and yes! So comfy.

Hence, the tricks mentioned above are an aid for your problem on how to not have a boring dress-up with your oversized sweaters. If you also know the amazing ways to style the oversized sweaters, do keep us updated in the comment section. We hope to learn from you as well.

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