How to wear a Beanie this Fall and Winter for Men

How to wear a Beanie


How to wear a Beanie

How to wear a Beanie

How to Wear a Beanie | Beanie Outfit Ideas

As the evenings get colder and the mornings become brisker, we know that fall fashion is just around the corner. For the street style circuit, it’s one of the best sartorial times of the year; the more clothes, the better! Beyond wide-brim hats and vinyl baker boy caps, the beanie is a classic way to stay warm and look chic during the colder months. Beanies are the quintessential cold-weather hat, and there are as many ways to wear a beanie as there are beanies themselves. A beanie offers you the chance to put a simple and stylish finishing touch on any outfit.

How to Wear a Beanie

The Standard Way

This method is the most effective for keeping you warm. Simply wear the beanie without cuffing it, so that it covers your ears. The front should rest just above your eyebrows.

The Single Cuff

This one is great for bad hair days and casual office settings. Cuff the beanie once and wear on the top of your head, with the beanie resting halfway down your ears.

How to wear a Beanie

The Steve Zissou

The classic fisherman’s look is now a hipster mainstay. Roll or cuff the beanie twice, and wear at the top of your head. You can wear it forward or back depending on whether you want your hair to show from underneath.

How to wear a Beanie

The High-Top

This look says, “I’m not cold, I’m cool.” Wear the beanie as far toward the top of your head as possible. Let it rest above your ears, keeping it vertical and well rounded throughout.

The Robin Hood

If you’re feeling inventive, leave the beanie uncuffed in the front, and cuff once in the back. The cuff should form an angle that starts and stops at either ear.

David Beckham

For that unaffected, too-cool-for-school look, wear the beanie as far back as possible, letting the extra fabric slouch in the rear. Cover your ears and allow some hair to tuft out in the front.

How to wear a Beanie

How to Wear a Beanie With Short Hair

If you’ve never embraced long locks, the man bun is lost on you, and you really have no need for conditioner then there are certain beanie styles that’ll work better for you than others. If you’re looking to wear a beanie with short hair, then the best option for you is something that’s close-fitting and in fairly thin material. As you don’t have a lot of hair to counterbalance a chunky or slouchy beanie, it can really overpower your face, dwarfing your head. A classic workman or hipster look beanie will work well with short hair, as it’s tight-fitting and generally can’t work with a lot of hair competing with it.

How to Wear a Beanie With Curly Hair

Curly hair generally tends to be quite thick, so shoving a tight hat down on it will result in a bulky look. It’s best not to try and tame your locks, and instead, try to work around them. Pick a loose-knit slouchy beanie that’s spacious enough to home your curls and, if you’ve got a short style haircut then allow some of the curls to show through.

How to Wear a Beanie With Long Hair

With the continued popularity of man buns, long hair has become relatively normal among modern men. Despite the fact that you’re probably, and rightfully, proud of your lustrous locks, it’s still likely you’ll need a beanie day every now and then. Whether your hair is shoulder length or all the way down your back, a slim-fitted beanie will work well in contrast with the voluminous hair. One big tip to remember would be to not look too emo and have all your hair hanging down in front of your face, get the balance right and you’ll be repping beanies in no time.

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