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As the spring season comes closer its time to bring out your favorite pair of shorts. And if you love wearing shorts then it’s a great time. Those hot sunny days and summer days coming soon are perfect for shorts as they provide the coolness you need. Shorts are also way more comfortable to be in for women. But comfort is not the only thing they provide. Shorts are also great style piece and if worn right you’re gonna look cool and stylish. Keeping that in mind here are a few tips on how to wear shorts. Below we have compiled some outfit ideas which might be useful the next time you get yourself one.

Classic Denim ShortsHow To Wear Shorts

These are classic and timeless shorts that are always trending in fashion. Wear them with a white t-shirt, a tucked in shirt, crop top or even a tank top. You can pair them with absolutely any kind of top and never have to worry about going wrong with it. They also come in different designs such as rolled-up shorts, ripped, distressed or just plain denim.

How To Wear Shorts | Outfit Ideas How To Wear Shorts | Outfit IdeasHow To Wear Shorts  How To Wear Shorts

Checkered Shorts

Checkered shorts are perfect if you want to wear something different with a little bit of design. With checkered shorts, you can wear a  plain top or a shirt to balance out the whole look. You want to show off a bit of design not look like a chess board.


How To Wear Shorts  How To Wear Shorts

Patterned ShortsHow To Wear Shorts

Want to go for a more cute look? A patterned and printed short can make you look just that. Try some floral designs to bring that spring vibe. For tops, you can wear a collared shirt and sweater over it. You can also wear a plain white shirtHow To Wear Shorts. Polka dots design is also prominent during this season so you can also wear them.

Patterned Shorts  Patterned Shorts


Striped Up Shorts

Stripes are also great design on a short. The vertical line creates an illusion, a slimming effect on your body while horizontal lines make you look wider. They are the perfect alternative to checked shorts.

Striped Up Shorts  Striped Up Shorts

Animal Prints Shorts

If you’re looking for something edgier you can also wear animal printed shorts. They come in all types of prints and are also really in trend.

Animal Prints Shorts  Animal Prints Shorts


These one-piece wonders are great as it is versatile enough for both day and evening wear. Printed rompers create a statement with very little effort. If prints aren’t you’re style try going for something solid in color like orange or yellow.

Rompers  Rompers


Pleated Shorts

The perfect shorts if you want something more open and comfortable. These come in various designs with pockets or just plain, solid colors or prints, and even with an elastic waist.

Pleated Shorts  Pleated Shorts


What are your favorite shorts? Please leave a comment.

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