Talking Fashion with Sanna Gurung

Sanna Gurung is a fashion enthusiast, model, and an avid Instagrammer. With more than 90k followers on Instagram and more than 33k subs on YouTube, she is also a content creator with a wonderful personality. Her contents range from style tips, shopping overhaul, travel video, and beauty tips. She has also featured on many popular music videos. Being a style icon she tends to set her own styles which can be seen in her collaboration with Metaphor. Having such an influence in fashion and style we asked a few questions to get her opinion on the subject.

Sanna Gurung sanna gurung

Interview with Sanna Gurung

Tell us about yourself.

Hi, I’m sanna Gurung, an Instagrammer. I post random stuff like eating or posing, just like everybody else. I sometimes make videos on youtube too.

Sanna Gurung

What does the word “fashion” mean to you?


What do you think about fashion trends in Nepal these days?


sanna gurung

Summer fashion or Winter fashion and why?

SUMMERRRRR, all the way. So I don’t have to stack myself in big jackets and make myself look smaller than I already am.

Sanna Gurung

How would you describe your style?


What is the fashion style you don’t recommend?


interview with sanna gurung

How big do you think is fashion in Nepal?

I think Nepalese People are really stylish. We are just limited because of certain issues like online shopping or inconvenience to the outside world. If not we have the potential to be significant in the fashion industry globally.

Sanna Gurung

Who is your favorite fashion influencer and why?

Rachel Tee Tyler, Pretty frowns, Tamding, Leeza Gurung, Pemthug, Matilda and Carms.

sanna gurung

What kind of fashion you think, will be in trend in 2019?

Don’t follow trends, create them. so it’s up to individuals.

What is your go-to look?

White tee and jeans

interview with sanna gurung

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