Latest Fashion Trends for 2019

Hello guys, Today we’re going to talk about the latest fashion trends in 2019. Obviously, there are a lot of trends to look out for but we’ll be going through a few of them. Most of these trends will be practical and something you can wear in your everyday life.


Biker Shorts

If you already didn’t know biker shorts are and have been in trend since last year and will still continue to the next year. The trend was initially made popular by Kim Kardashian who wore it in a majority of her outfits. The biker shorts or cycling shorts are short and good for working out as well as going out. It is suitable for a long or oversized shirt or a coat.

Latest Fashion Trends 2019


Neon Wear is going to be huge this year as the winter and fall season comes to an end. The summer and spring season will be perfect for wearing bright colors. If you are not comfortable with bright neon colors then you can go for a lighter color but still something colorful that will make you stand out or you can pair it with something of a darker color clothing.

Latest Fashion Trends 2019

Tie Dye

The Tie-Dye wear was seen everywhere on the fashion runway and is an early indication of how they will be in trend for the summer. Mostly colored and washed tops look great. The tie-dye is such a throwback and kind of a retro style and is great for festivals or vacation look.  

Fashion trend 2019

Animal Prints

Along with Tie-Dye another fashion trend to follow this year is animal prints. Lots of animal prints have been prominent in the runway this season. leopard, snake, zebra and tiger prints have been really popular last season.

Fashion trend 2019

Utility Wear

Usable fashion will be on the rise this year as fashion goes from just looks to convenience. Baggy and large clothes will be perfect for carrying accessories too. Utility wear can range from long jackets to full jumpsuits.

Latest Fashion Trends 2019


Floral is something that makes us sway us back to the summer and spring season. They are usually always in during the summer season. Floral shirts and tops were very consistent in the fashion trends last year and will continue this year.

Latest Fashion Trends 2019Latest Fashion Trends 2019


Pleated clothes have a unique texture. There are a lot of pleat styles ranging from short thin pleats to large and wide pleats. Smaller and thinner pleats skirts will definitely be making a comeback. The easiest way to wear pleats will be in skirts. Throw it on with a nice blazer or top and you’ll end up looking chic and trendy.

Latest Fashion Trends 2019Fashion trend 2019

Puff Sleeve Tops

The next fashion trend we’re gonna talk about is the puff sleeve tops. puff sleeve tops are so unique and different that it makes you stand out. You can pair them with some trousers and jeans. They really started making its way big time during this last autumn.

Latest Fashion Trends 2019

Statement Sneakers

Statement Sneakers will be another look that will be followed by everyone. Brands such have Adidas, Nike and Balenciaga have already jumped on the statement sneaker trends. Although they might look like dad shoes, brands have paid huge attention to details on the design to make it more trendy and street like.

Fashion trend 2019

So what fashion trends 2019 will you be following this year? Let us know in the comments. 🙂

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