Picnic Outfit Ideas and Style Tips for Women

Picnic is a perfect outdoor activity to spend some fun time with your favourite companies. Going on a picnic instantly brightens up your mind with images of lots of fun activities, games, laughing with friends, and eating delicious meals. Sound so much great!!

“But hey, what are you wearing on the picnic day?” A very obvious question a friend asks to another as soon as the picnic is planned. Lugako considers you as its best friend and is here to share with you some awesome picnic outfit ideas. After all, a picnic is an event where you’d love shining fashionably for updating your feed with #picnicday, #OOTD.

Picnic Style Tips for Women

  1. Since picnic is full of activities, find anything in which you feel comfortable too.
  2. KEEP IT CHIC AND SIMPLE! Chic and simple is often the best way to dress for any event and includes a picnic too.
  3. Stick to darker tones so you can protect your outfit from any spillages or grass stains.
  4. High Heels are beautiful and complement you so perfectly. But try letting it rest on your picnic day. We’ll jump and dance like kids with comfy sneakers and flats.
  5. Layer up or pack a trusty lightweight coat if you need to. The weather is unpredictable and so is how long your picnic shall continue.

Picnic Outfit Ideas

When you’re wondering, what to wear, here are the picnic outfit ideas that will make you feel and look wonderful as the perfect picnic day.


Wearing a dress may not be the first thing that comes to mind when eating al fresco but dresses are a great option for a picnic day. If you want to wear something feminine, cute and summery then dress should be your number one option. Wearing a comfortable yet smart summer dress for a picnic date is a perfect classic look. Wear a patterned, shirt dress and pair it with a jacket or jumper in case your picnic continues into an evening under the stars.

Midi-length dresses are a super cute option you can wear with wedges, sandals or even sneakers. Wrap dresses are trendy, cool and are an absolute picnic day option. Dresses with cute prints also go well with the picnic theme. Accessorize your picnic dress with silk scarves, sunglasses, a cute handbag, and espadrilles. You can perfectly wear a dress for a pic on fall too: long sleeves, booties, layers, and hats.


Dresses are great and so are skirts. Skirts offer you a feminine, flirty and cute look and the right skirt is so great on a picnic day. Midi-skirts are picnic material. Just paired it with a t-shirt is a flash to casual, cool, and trendy fashion. An absolute picnic go-to.

Maxi Skirts is also another option you have. Miniskirts are cute too but it might make you take care of yourself the whole day instead of enjoying. Other than that, a miniskirt will ensure a figurative and literal cool picnic look all around.


Shorts are a straightforward option for a picnic outfit. Doesn’t need much attention and lets you comfortably relax the day. Choose from chino shorts, denim shorts, or linen shorts, they are sexy as a skirt but definitely more practical.

A great picnic outfit, pair a cozy sweatshirt and bike shorts. Sneakers and bucket hats will add style to the casualness. Or select the stylish paper bag shorts. You can tuck your top into the shorts and show off your flaunting silhouette. Shorts are not just casual outfits but fall under the stylish category.

Overalls and Rompers

Overalls definitely match the pic vibe. Can there be a more perfect picnic dress choice other than overalls? While tomboyish overalls are preferred and tried by many fashionistas, the flirty overall dress is a one-and-done piece. Simple to style and a fashionable choice. Try the overall together with fluffy ruffled tops. Flats and straw hats are a nice statement touch to the outfit.

Rompers are definitely another outdoor outfit option. For a sleeveless romper, try sneaking a cool T-shirt or a lovely top piece underneath. Sneakers will cool off the outfit. As for sleeved romper, flats and sandals compliment you well during picnic and hangout days.

Patterns and Prints

Choosing a patterned and printed outfit option on a picnic day is a genius idea. The dress choice will definitely make you stand out on the day. The patterns can be stripes or polka dots, they’ll add a more picnic vibe. The flower and fruit prints are even more perfect.

Choose your shirt, t-shirt, top, or dress with prints or patterns. Don’t make a loud color decision but not too blunt as well.


Jean Outfit

Jeans are often the number one option that pops into our minds when we think about casual outfits. And they are a great picnic go-to option too. With jeans, you can look stylish on your picnic and even enjoy the Funday.

Layer your jeans pant with a black leather jacket for an edgier look. A long kimono or cardigan complements your jeans well for a picnic day. Keep the layering thick to light and cool as per the weather or time of the year you’re going on a picnic. Another cool jean outfit is a jeans jacket over a swing dress. And high waisted jeans with a printed shirt is a cute combo.  Jeans go best with sneakers but sandels are also cool as per your pick of the outfit. There’s something about denim that is so perfect for a picnic.


Apart from skinny jeans, cotton pants, chinos and trendier silhouette pants like palazzo, wide leg, straight leg or cropped pants are also made for the picnic.  You can easily wear a t-shirt tucked at the waist for an effortlessly chic picnic outfit. For a casual day, pants will always look great with sneakers or espadrilles.


Keep your Picnic essentials simple and not heavy. A small and sweet hand carry is an ideal accessory to the picnic outfit. Put all your important stuff such as phones, cards, bills, keys in your hand-carry safe rather than your pockets.

It’s a picnic and you don’t take your Sunglasses along? No way! Sunglasses are an ideal picnic accessory. They are useful and stylish both complementing you perfectly.

A soft scarf is stylish just when put around your neck. You can even use it later as your hair binder and that’s a trendy way to utilize your scarf too.

The straw hats and picnic are made for each other. Totally saving you from suntans and even spreading a cool picnic vibe, don’t forget to take a hat along on your picnic.

You don’t want your jewellery to be heavy on your picnic day. A simple necklace or earring as per your outfit shall go best for the picnic day.

And there you go! What is your most favourite picnic outfit? The next time when you’re going on a picnic, do try these picnic style tips and outfit ideas. Hope you’ll have a very chic and nice picnic day.

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