Puffer Jacket Outfit Ideas and Style Tips

It’s the time of year when puffer jackets are a wardrobe staple. The puffy jacket is a great investment and never goes out of style. Plus it’s versatile and can be styled in lots of ways, so you’ll always have something to wear no matter what the weather throws at you. Warming and stylish, puffer can be your main outfit or a statement piece – just the right colour or style will turn any mundane outfit into an ensemble for chilly days. Here are some puffy jacket outfits ideas that we think will help keep you warm this winter!

Puffer Jacket and boots

Chunky Boots

To make puffer jackets feel winter-perfect, pair them with flare pants or jeans and chunky boots such as doc martens. This simple pairing will make your puffer feel fresh and chic. Or you can choose a casual look, by switching with chunky sneakers. Jogging pants and a sweater will complement the casualness.

Ankle Boots

When the weather is not that chilling, you can choose to slip in your puffy vest. And styling this puffy set, just pull on a sweater, your favourite jeans, and ankle boots. It’s not only functional but also fashionable. Also, chunky ankle sneakers can complement the bulkiness and thickness of a puffer jacket if you’re going for a more casual look with a puffer vest. Create a cohesive silhouette from head to toe by choosing a sweatshirt or hoodie underneath the puffer.

Tall Boots

Puffy Jacket it’s a statement piece already. Thus, giving it a simple touch to emit a cool-girl vibe is by pairing it with tall boots. If you’re daring to put on a skirt, knee-high boots and a puffer jacket is the perfect way to go as a winter staple. Also, a tall chunky boot can be an accessory for a cropped puffer jacket.

Puffer Jackets Outfits

Printed Puffer Vest

The prints have always been spicing up the boring wears. Thus, even if you don’t want to dress up, a printed puffy jacket can entirely convert how you look. Wear your favourite pyjamas and put on a printed puffer vest over them. Complete the outfit with a pair of heels, and flaunt the loungewear. Also mentioned, a loud printed jacket will add elegance and excitement to any plain-solid-coloured outfit.

Colour Pop

The puffy winter essentials are available in so many colours. The puffer jacket can be the star of your outfit by switching to some bold-bright colour than regular ones. Or, try out a colour-blocked look. Don’t be afraid to go plump for red, green or blue. And then pair them with platform heels. Or switch the look. Trade-in your neutral jacket for a vibrant hue, which will brighten up your outfits all winter long.

Cropped Puffer Jacket

When in doubt, the simple ensemble that works is definitely a cropped puffer jacket. It can simply feel more polished by styling it with a sweater and mules in the same hue. Or wear your favourite miniskirt with your puffer jacket and boots for a perfect winter date-night look. Wear it with formal pants finally loafers for a more formal look. Also, a neutral-coloured, cropped puffer jacket is a match made in heaven for high-waisted, bold-printed pants. The prints and puffy coat is a combination that looks cool every time.

Puffy Jacket Ideas

Puffer jackets can be the highlight of your outfit all week long. Wear them to the office with knee-length skirts or above suit. And wear jeans or leggings during weekends. Keeping it casual, wear sneakers with your puffer jacket ensemble. Also, they can totally be put over dresses and sweaters during the colder days. You can also style it with a scarf and hat for extra warmth.

Puffer Jacket Style Tips

  1. Wear a puffer jacket with jeans and boots for an edgy look.
  2. Add a pop of colour to your outfit by wearing a brightly coloured puffer jacket.
  3. Keep it simple with black skinny jeans, white loafers, and a neutral-coloured puffer jacket.
  4. Try pairing your favourite dress with over the knee boots and a bright blue coat to create an effortless style.
  5. For evening wear, try adding pearls or other jewellery for some extra glamour.
  6. If you’re feeling daring, add spikes or chains to your ensemble if you want something more punk rock.
  7. Pairing your puffer jacket with layers is always fun – try layering on long sleeve shirts underneath or even sweaters!
  8. Make sure that you keep all items in proportion when layering so they don’t overwhelm your frame; make sure the colours compliment each other as well!


So this winter, make sure to stock up on puffer jackets in different colours and styles – they’ll keep you warm all season! Puffer jackets are also a great gift idea for the colder months. Or, you can opt for ultra light down jacket, as name says these jackets are light in weight and stylish too. Get one GAMMA for you from WEAR GRAPHENE’s store; an ultimate all-climate insulated jacket made with Graphene. And who knows, maybe you’ll get one for New Year!

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