5 Shoes Every Man Should Own

A shoe a man wears can tell a lot about himself. It is an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. Depending on the occasion, trend and style there are many types of shoes a guy can wear to make himself look good. As there’s a saying, “Good shoes lead to good places”, Here are the top 5 shoes every man should own and have in his collection.

Running shoes

Shoes Every Man Should OwnThese types of shoes are a must for every guy, be it for going out on a normal day or working out at the gym. The main advantage of running shoes is that it is really comfortable to wear as well as super light making you look young and fit. These are the shoes every man should own and have in his shoe cabinet.

I recommend sticking with a black/white, black/grey/white (like above), or navy/white color to ensure that your sneakers compliment all your outfits. Other crazy colors like neon green or a bright red will only draw attention away from your outfit which is why I’m not recommending those colors. You probably wouldn’t know it, but these shoes in the picture are one of my clients and almost a year old.

I prefer wearing it with some joggers and a hoodie or a shirt depending on the weather to go for a street style look or some chinos or slim fit jeans to go for a more casual look. Proper running shoes give the right support in the right places and can help protect the feet and ankles from injury. Isn’t that genuine reason to approve it on the list of shoes every man should own?


White Sneakers shoes every man should own

A good pair of sneakers can last a long time and they never go out of style. They are clean, stylish and they go well with almost every look from really casual to even a little formal look. A nice pair of sneakers along with some dark jeans and a blazer will make you look dressy. Throw on a nice fitted blazer and some dark wash jeans with them and they’ll look amazing. The best option for the type of sneaker would be the all-white sneaker which goes with almost any type of pants you are wearing. Wear them day-to-night with tees and chinos, jeans, shorts, and informal tailoring. Guys, time to add sneakers to your must-have shoe list.


loafersIf you’re going for a more casual and formal look a slip-on loafer is exactly what you need. These shoes are really comfortable. If you’ve never worn them let me remind you that they are great for formal occasions. Depending upon your age a loafer can make you look really mature and stylish at the same time. The golden rule of wearing loafers is to only wear them with ankle-length socks. You need to show some legs with these shoes to make them the star of the outfit.

Depending on the color, I prefer something more of a suede look loafer something that stands out, or maybe some navy blue loafer if you want to go for more of a cool look. Loafers are also more cost-effective compared to other shoes mentioned on this list.

Chukka Boots & Chelsea Boots

Chelsea Boots shoes every man should own

If you didn’t know it by now Chukka and Chelsea boots are so in trend right now. They are the perfect mix between the casual and formal look. You can wear them with some slim jeans and top it off with a leather jacket or wear it with some nice chinos and a nice fitted blazer. If you are stylish enough you can also wear it together with a suit. Because of its versatility, it really doesn’t seem out of place. Artists and celebrities such as Kanye West and Chris Hemsworth occasionally wear these styles of shoes. With the ideas on how to style them, you’ll love to add these shoes to your collection. 

Dress Shoes

shoes every man should ownA man must always have one pair of dress shoes with him for those special occasions., whether it’s a business meeting, a party, or any formal event. A good pair of Oxford with its elegant style and shiny look, when paired with a suit will make any man look classy. Another dress shoe to make you look classy for your next big occasion is the Derby shoe with a round toe.

Having a pair of Oxford or Derby shoes will definitely set you apart from the rest of your mates. A really good pair of dress shoes will definitely hurt your wallet but on the other hand, they can last a long time. highly recommended, These are obvious types of shoes every man should own.

Black Oxfords

Shoes Every Man Should OwnThe black Oxford shoe is your classic ‘school’ shoe: it’s strictly for work and formal occasions such as weddings, funerals, christenings, and job interviews. Basically, whenever you’ve got a good suit or black tie out. It’s often viewed as the shoe for ‘professionals’ – in fact, they used to be a dress requirement for jobs at banks in the city. A little boring, perhaps, but also a safe pair of hands (or feet) and the workhorse in your footwear collection if you have a job that requires daily smart attire. This is definitely one shoe every man should own in my opinion.

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