Shoes Every Woman Should Own

How many pairs of shoes should a woman own? Well, the answer is a woman can never have too many shoes to wear. There are lots of options when it comes to footwear for women. Depending on the occasion there are countless options to choose from. There are lots of shoes you can own but here is a list of the essentials and in our opinion the shoes that every woman should own.

Casual Sneakers:

These have become so trendy in the last few years and are such a great option for a casual shoe. They are comfortable and look good with almost anything. From casual jeans to workout wear, shorts, leggings, and even casual dresses you can wear it with anything. They are both stylish and comfortable. They’re essential for every woman’s closet. Sneakers are even more essential if you are a teenager as they go with everyday outfits. They are certainly shoes every teenage girl should have.

Shoes Every Woman Should Own


Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Classic Pumps:

Classic pumps are a must for any girl, no matter the age. You can wear them with dresses, jeans, shorts, and practically anything in your closet. No other shoe is as timeless as the black pump. They’re discreet enough for day-to-day wear without compromising sophistication. You can get them in various colors. Colors such as black, red and nude are a great option. Pumps also come in various designs such as metallic and animal prints.

Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Ankle Boots:

Ankle boots are getting more popular nowadays. They are also casual shoes you can wear with most jeans and other dresses. They are borderline between the chic and casual. They’re very reliable, especially when you want to look edgy and cool. These are a great option for fall and winter.

Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Ankle Strap Sandals:

Possibly the hottest thing you can put on your feet. If you are petite or have short legs, stick to a nude or neutral pair to avoid making your legs look shorter. The elegant delicate straps show a level of formality that not only work for work, but also for after-work events. They’re timeless and they’re infinitely sexy.

Flat Leather Sandals:

Flats are great for when the weather gets too hot to handle. They are comfortable to wear and look good with jeans, summer dresses, or short shorts. Flat strappy sandals are a must-have during spring and summer.

Wedge Sandals:

Another essential shoe to have in your wardrobe is the wedge sandals. Trade your black pumps for a pair of Wedge Sandals during the summer as they are dressier than a flat sandal, but comfortable enough to wear all day. They’re also necessary for beach parties (heels dig into the sand; wedges don’t). Pick wedge sandals in neutral colors such as black, navy blue, or even nude so you can pair them with various outfits.

Ballerina Flats:

When it comes to go-to shoes, ballet flats are the most popular choice. They’re comfortable and feminine. They’re easy-to-wear and are great for running errands.

Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Open-Toe Booties:

This is another essential shoe that any woman must have in her closet. They have become more popular nowadays. The open-toe booties give a hint of classy and sexy. Great alternative for instead of the ankle strap sandals.

Knee High Boots:

The knee high boots are a great option for fall and winter. They look cool and keep your feet warm. They come in different colors such as black, brown, grey and even nude. You can wear them with jeans or even dresses for a more classy occasion.

  Shoes Every Woman Should Own

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