Tips For Choosing The Best Pair Of Sunnies For The Holidays

Warm sun, beautiful sea, excellent weather, and relaxation… Does it sound like a dream? This can be your reality if you are going on vacation on holidays! But remember that bright sun can be harmful to your eyes, and wear sunglasses when you are outside. A good summer outfit can be made even better with the right shades. If you need a new pair of shades to look stunning on vacation, here are a few useful tips for choosing the best pair of sunnies for your ideal holidays:

UV Protection means a lot.

Remember that your first priority is to hide your eyes from harmful UV rays, so make sure the chosen pair of sunglasses successfully blocks out UVA and UVB rays. Not all shades deliver the same level of protection, so it’s essential to select sunglasses with maximum blockage, especially if you will spend holidays on the beach. Take care of your eyes and enjoy your rest wearing comfortable and high-quality frames only!

Select a trustworthy optical store.

You should visit several stores in your area to know their assortment and price ranges. Choose a store that offers 100% authentic sunglasses from well-known brands, so you can be sure you are getting a reliable accessory. If you are from New York, check out EuroOptica, where you will find a great selection of premium quality sunglasses from the leading European brands. Skilled opticians and knowledgeable consultants will help you to make your final choice.  

Mind your face shape!

Faces are different, so it’s important to select sunglasses according to your face shape. Whether you have a square, oval, diamond-shaped, or round face, it’s easy to choose the most suitable shape of your glasses to emphasize your facial features:

  • For round faces – get rectangular frames;
  • For long faces – select wider frames;
  • For square faces – choose rounded sleek spectacles.

Keep your personal needs in mind.

Sunglasses are offered in various designs and styles to suit different needs. There are many materials to select from, following your lifestyle and habits. Needless to say, different designs are created for different activities. For example, a pair of sunnies for a beach may not be the most suitable pair to wear when biking. So, you should select a pair of shades following your activities, personal preferences, and style. 

Select the right lens type

For example, when driving on a sunny morning, it’s better to wear sunglasses with polarized lenses to reduce sun glare and improve visual comfort. You can also choose sunnies with polycarbonate lenses that deliver extra protection from the sun. These lenses are weightless and more durable than plastic or glass, so you can make sure your eyes are fully covered from sun rays. 

We hope our tips were helpful, and you have selected the best pair of sunglasses to wear on holidays. Wishing you a great time in the sun without any discomfort!  


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