Best Streetwear Brands

Streetwear isn’t just a fashion style it is a way of life. Streetwear is a statement about your style. Like it or not streetwear trend has made it into mainstream luxury fashion already and lots of people are riding into the hype trends. It’s getting common to see a pair of sneakers and a hoodie in the runway nowadays. The Hype beast trend has risen the past few years all thanks to the influence of public figures, celebrities and athletes. So to keep you up with the street and hype trend here is a list of all the best streetwear brands you should know about.


Everyone knows the classic red box with that one word “Supreme”. The American skateboarding shop and clothing brand are at the top of the hype trend right now and their demands show it. All their items are limited and are released weekly. Over the last 20 years, Supreme has worked with various designers, artists, musicians and caters to the hype beasts. Their products range from simple t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, caps, and joggers.

Best Streetwear Brands



BAPE or the Bathing Ape is a Japanese clothing brand founded by Nigo in Ura-Harajuku in 1993. The brand focuses on streetwear so if you’re looking for hype clothing with a little bit of Japanese fusion then this brand is definitely the one. Since its inception, BAPE has been on the rise in the streetwear trend. Collaborating with artists like Pharrell Williams also gave the brand a huge boost in America. The most popular product by the brand is their BAPE shark hoodies which are on trend every season.

Best Streetwear Brands



Another Japanese Brand in our list is WTAPS, pronounced as  ‘double taps’. WTAPS comes from a military-inspired term which basically means kill shot. But its name isn’t the only thing that is military inspired. Its whole style is based on the military cuts and Japanese utilitarian styling. Think of baggy pants and jackets all military inspired.

Best Streetwear Brands


Nike is the ever-present when it comes to streetwear. They are usually credited with the rise of the sneaker culture. Nike usually collab with various brands such as off-white and Patta to bring us some of the greatest streetwear to date. Nike has a range of products to choose from but mostly their shoes are what sets your outfit apart.

Best Streetwear Brands



Another OG of the streetwear style, the German Sportswear label is responsible for the rise in street style in recent years. The iconic three stripes are one of the most recognizable brands in the fashion industry. And one of the most important things to be a hype beast is wearing brands people can instantly notice. Adidas has a huge following of superstars and sports persons all over the world.

Top Street Wear Brands



Off-white has been making big waves in the streetwear and fashion industry.  Founded by Louis Vuitton’s artistic director, Virgil Abloh. Off-white is also responsible for the great merge between luxury fashion and streetwear. Off-white have been very innovative with their vivid designs and prints. Although a relative newcomer, it has already made its mark in the streetwear industry. Most of their products include hoodies, belts, shoes, and accessories. They’ve also collaborated with Nike.

Top Street Wear Brands

Along with the above-mentioned brands, there are also other brands which you can combine with your outfits such as Gucci, Balenciaga, Obey, Fear of God and many more.

Extended list: Top Streetwear Brands You Should Know About

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