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Billie Eilish is currently one of the most popular and biggest pop stars on the planer. Her songs have millions of views on Youtube and even more streams on Spotify. But Billie isn’t like your normal pop star, her style is definitely one of a kind. Billie Eilish style, full of baggy clothes and tracksuits, embraces the weird and people love it.

Billie Eilish has a taste for baggy outfits and for good reason. Recently she revealed that the reason she wears baggy clothes is that then nobody can comment on her body and judge her. Being only 17 years old she does not want to be judged on her appearance.

In 2017, Billie also spoke about her look to Harper’s Bazaar saying she describes her personal style as “pretty weird.”

“I just like dressing out of my comfort zone. I want to dress in a way that if I was in a room full of people wearing regular clothes, I would be like, ‘Oh, I bet everyone’s looking at me.’ I want to feel that way. That’s my casual,” she said.

Billie Eilish performed on The Rooftop at Pier 17 wearing:

  • Verzi Long Sleeve ($300.00) and Collage Short Pants ($346.00), both by 99%IS
  • Heart of Bone Bad Bunny Ring ($247.00)
  • Under Armour x ASAP Rocky SRLo Sneakers ($450.00+).

Billie Eilish also appeared in Billboard Magazine wearing:

  • Gucci Anime Graphic Short-Sleeve Silk Shirt ($1,450.00)
  • Raf Simons Slim-Fit Space Pants ($573.00)
  • The Link Choker ($40.00)
  • The Charm Necklace ($40.00)
  • The XL Curb Necklace ($36.00) all by Dalmata, custom-made Souvenir Jewelry Stackable Name Rings ($90.00 – similar style)
  • a Baby Bunny Ring ($400.00)
  • a Bad Bunny Ring ($140.00) and also
  • a Deathmoth Ring ($154.97) all by Heart of Bone
  • a Lynn Bann Large Diamond Medusa Ring ($1,275.00) and also
  • Nike x Off-White All Hallows Eve Sneakers ($650.00+).

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