How to Spot High Quality Clothes

Clothes are something we spend a good amount of money on. So it makes sense to know that what you’re spending your hard earned money on is worth it. Here a few ways on how you can spot high-quality clothes or find high-quality clothes.

Inspect the Zipper:

How to Spot High Quality Clothes Zippers

One of the easiest ways to spot high-quality clothes is to check the zipper. If the zipper is made out of plastic then chances are they are cheap and won’t last long. A high-quality zipper is made out of metal and lasts longer. Also, check the length of the zipper. The length should be equal. Exposed zippers are also a sign of low quality. Zippers should lie flat and be covered with a placket.

Inspect the fabric:


When you’re buying any item you want to check the fabric. Is it light? Does it feel nice when you wear it? Usually, a high-quality fabric is heavier and a bit thicker. You can also hold the clothing in the light and see how much light passes through it. If light passes through it easily then its not the best quality. Of course, it doesn’t apply to all fabrics such as silk or denim. But it still has to feel nice on your body. Another test you can do is the stretch or pull test. Pull the fabric for a short amount of time and check if it returns back to its original position. You want the fabric to retain its original shape. You can also squeeze it and hold it for a few moments and check if it creates wrinkles.

Check the labels:

How to Spot High Quality Clothes labelAnother thing to consider when it comes to fabric is the label and what’s written on it. The label provides great detail regarding the clothing. Important information such as the fabric used and washing instructions. You want to avoid synthetic fabric as they are cheap as hell and won’t last long. If you’re buying cotton then you want to avoid 100% cotton clothing as they tend to shrink after you wash them. A mixture of 80% natural fiber and other synthetic material is the best quality.

Look for spare buttons:

How to Spot High Quality Clothes Buttons

A high-quality shirt or dress usually is fitted with a spare button. It is an indication that the person who made the clothing wants you to wear them for a long time. Such small details is a great indication of quality.

Check the buttons and buttonholes:

036buttonholesA good manufacturer always pays attention to small details such as buttons and buttonholes. A high-quality button and buttonholes are secured and no thread sticks out of them. The holes should be neatly overlocked and evenly cut through. If the buttonholes are reinforced with a special thread they’ll last a lot longer. If it’s hard to button up your shirt then it’s a good quality one.

Check the stitches:


Stitches are the main point when it comes to quality. You want to check the clothing for loose stitches. A loose stitch usually is an indication of a low-quality product or a lazy tailor. You want to inspect the stitching of the garment for signs of unraveling, missed stitches, loose stitches, snags, crooked lines, and other imperfections. Take the clothing you want to buy and try to grab the fabric on each side of a seam, and tug lightly to see how well it holds together. If there’s any sign of pulling apart, don’t buy it. Better-quality garments have more stitches per inch and thus have tighter seams.

Patterns that match up seamlessly:


When it comes to patterned clothing then you want to check if they line up properly. You want to pay attention to the shoulder seams if you’re considering to see how much effort has gone into matching up patterns. High-quality clothing is lined up perfectly and there are not many irregularities.

Check the Hem:

hem pants

Look at the seams of any outfit you’re thinking of buying to make sure they lay flat and are free of puckers and other irregularities. Pants and skirts should have a hem length of up to 2 inches. Blouses and shirts can do with a smaller one up to 1 inch long. If there is no hem at all or is simply stitched then don’t buy the item. As it will lose its shape after a few washes and use. When you are shopping for jeans flip the end inside out, and look at how the seams were finished. Unfinished edges are a sign of poor quality. They even have extra details on them if they are high-quality.


Hope these tips can help you spot high-quality clothes and save your money next time you buy your clothes.

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