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How to wear a white T-shirt? White T-shirts are as simple as it can get. You can get them at a great price and are also really easy to style if you know how to. They are an essential part of any wardrobe. You can pair it with trousers and a blazer and head to work. You can tuck it into jeans, slip-on sneakers, tie it up, cuff the sleeves.

A white T-shirt gives you the perfect canvas to try something new. Here, we are going to tell you about how to wear a white T-shirt in different ways that will help you look awesome. First reading down below, don’t forget to wear a nude bra which will help you to camouflage itself underneath your white T-shirt. Now setting these two things you are ready to go.

Tuck – A perfect way to slay a white T-shirt

A process of folding or turning the edges or ends of something or clothes for hiding or securing them is to tuck. Tucking the T-shirts is the new trend that has been loved by all the people. Here are the different ways to tuck your beautiful white T-shirts:

French Tuck – This tuck is great for every day. It literally looks perfect and helps you to emphasize your silhouette. To do this tuck you have to push the cloth all the way down until you see its strained in the middle. Then fold the edges just to make it get a natural drape and pull the middle until it’s naturally kind of draping over. The back of the stays is untucked.

White T-shirt Fashion
Asymmetrical tuck– While doing this tuck pick up one side of the T-shirt and then tuck it from the side of your hip all the way through to the middle of your jeans. It should align with the button of your jeans to make sure that it’s going to take perfectly asymmetrical.

how to style a white t-shirt
The knot– Take your fabric and bring it up to the area that is the smallest of your waist and grab it and create a loop at the base. Tie the t-shirt around itself and then pull it through until you have a knot which turns it into a crop top.

how to style a white t-shirt

Butt Tuck– It looks great in a certain pair of jeans. Leave the front of the shirt really simple. You basically just have to tuck in the back of your T-shirt into the jeans. Make sure that the sides of your T-shirt are folded under which will drape naturally you to look like your shirt is just casually tucked into your pants which is a much better look.

white t-shirt
The most unexpected way to tie your white T-shirt – This is really easy to do. You need a little elastic rubber and grab some cloth from the side of your waist but you have to do form inside. Then create a little bit of extra cloth and fold it over, it should look like almost a little flower in your T-shirt. It’s very cute and very chic to wear a T-shirt like this. You can also do it on both sides.

white t-shirt

White T-shirt Fashion Tips:

The white t-shirt is a very favored fashionable piece of cloth. From formal to casual to any kinds of events or occasions, when styled right, it gets you covered fashionably. Thus, here are mentioned White T-shirt Fashion ideas.

With duster blazer

You can style it with a duster blazer. It can’t go wrong with a beautiful white T-shirt. Pair it with a pair of blue wrists skinny jeans. If you want to make it a little dressy add a simple ankle strap heel. In winter you can change jeans into trousers or anything else. This outfit is best for the office also but you have to change the duster blazer into a black blazer and you are all set.

How to Wear a White T-shirt blazer  How to Wear a White T-shirt blazer

Pairing up with joggers and Denim jackets

Joggers are loose trousers made of a stretchy fabric and typically elasticated at the waist and ankles which will make a great duo with a white T-shirt. To look more stylish you can use white sneakers. For a more interesting look, you can fold up sleeves which will make you look stylish.

You can use this style for casual days like going to coffee shops or shopping. You can wear denim jackets over a white T-shirt to look more classy, cool, and chic.

How to Wear a White T-shirt denim jacket  How to Wear a White T-shirt denim jacket

High waisted denim shorts

You can wear a white T-shirt with denim shorts for the summer. It looks very simple, comfortable in a cool way. If you think it’s a very plain look we can add a printed bomber jacket which will have a great combo with a white T-shirt and denim shorts.

How to Wear a White T-shirt denim shorts  How to Wear a White T-shirt denim shorts

Cuff Jeans

For a cool look pair a pair of cuff jeans with a white T-shirt and wear leather flats. It is a very beautiful outfit for a casual day. To make it cooler wear any color of leather belts and tuck the T-shirt in the jeans. For an outer, you can use a black leather jacket.

How to Wear a White T-shirt  How to Wear a White T-shirt

Woolen Jeans

You can wear white T-shirts with woolen jeans. To make it look more beautiful wear a matching woolen jacket. You can use this style on winter days and you can look very different and very beautiful even in winter.

how to wear a white t-shirt

White t-shirt and Long overcoat

Wear black jeans and a black belt which goes best with white T-shirts. Then tuck it under the black jeans. It will give a very strong look. To make it more eye-catching wear a long overcoat and a block heel. It will make you look confident, beautiful, and gorgeous.

How to Wear a White T-shirt long overcoat  How to Wear a White T-shirt long overcoat

Add a layer with that t-shirt

Thinking of adding a layer over a T-shirt. Will it look good??? Just you have to be very careful about choosing the layer. Add a camisole top which will go perfectly with a white T-shirt. To make it more outstanding wear a black boot. You can also wear bomber jackets with a plain white t-shirt to make it more street style.

how to wear a white t-shirt  how to wear a white t-shirt

White T-shirt with a Coat

Wear blue jeans with a white T-shirt. If you want to wear a casual yet chic outfit then add a coat. Wear it over the withe T-shirt and tie the coat with a black leather belt. And here you will get a perfect casual chic outfit.

How to Wear a White T-shirt coat  How to Wear a White T-shirt coat

Pair a t-shirt with Skirt

To get a bold look pair a skirt with a white T-shirt. You can wear short skirts or long skirts also. It will give you a very flashy look. This outfit also helps you to look like Korean outfits. Skirts are a great option because you can either go long or short depending on your style. Midi skirt looks great with a plain white t-shirt.

How to Wear a White T-shirt midi skirt   How to Wear a White T-shirt midi skirt

how to wear a white t-shirt  how to wear a white t-shirt

A white t-shirt is an evergreen outfit to your wardrobe. Just style it right and you are ready to shine. Among the styles mentioned above on how to style a white t-shirt, which way of styling do you prefer most? Also, do you have other ways to style this cool fabric piece? Share with us.

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