How to wear Paperbag Shorts?

When the hotness of the weather is still on, women would love to revive the very essential item from their wardrobe. As sexy as a skirt, but definitely more practical, the charming Paperbag shorts are super fashionable and comfortable of course. How to wear Paperbag shorts, shall be found out below, but first what are Paperbag shorts?

Paper bag waist shorts are shorts that have a scrunchy waist that reminds one of a paper bag. With its cargo-inspired design, baggy legs and tightened waistband, the reinterpretation of serving boy scouts on a summer hike vibes, it has been named paper bag. And of course, they’re chic and elegant.

How to wear Paperbag shorts?

The very ideal way to style the Paperbag shorts is by tucking your shirt or top piece into the shorts so that the waistband is visible. It could be considered a highlight of the outfit. Plus, doing that makes you visible lovingly feminine and flatters your silhouette.

How to wear paperbag shorts

Paperbag shorts are ideal shorts for all the body types. As they emphasize on the hips, waist and legs, it helps to create the illusion of making the body parts invisible you don’t want to show much. And for someone with smaller hips, it would create the illusion of wider hips causing a balanced look of your body. And tall girls can show off their lovely legs while petite can pull it off in an equally lovely manner.

Paperbag shorts may seem dressy while they are not skirts. And which is why this is a great option outfit for many of the occasions and events you’d have to attend. Also, they make you seem stylish.

Here are various ways you could style your Paperbag shorts:

Outfits ideas with Paperbag shorts

Button-Down Shirt

Button-down is an absolute option if you are looking forward to a semi-formal or just casual look with these cute shorts.



Blazers upgrade the look from simple to completely professional and formal. And yes, you can add blazers with Paperbag shorts to seem bold and gold.


Lace Top

Paperbag shorts flatter your silhouette and vibes you feminine. And if you are a fan of a feminine look, try the shorts along with laced tops. Yes, it’s Charmant.



This duo is worth mentioning. A tank top and Paperbag shorts. That’s a cool matchup for the sunny day.


Crop Top

Crops are very versatile and so are Paperbag shorts. And this combination complements one-another in a very darling manner.


Prints or Stripes

They are very popular. And since Paperbag shorts tell you not to get limited to definite tops with it, why not try out some lovely and bold prints or stripes with it.



Flats and sandals

Since Paperbag shorts are great for casual attire simply pair it up flats or flat sandals. You could try this look with a camisole top or tank top or even button-downs. That’s sweet and remarkable.



When you choose to put on blazers or laced tops, heels can complement your outfit.



Another cool casual way rock these extra-looking Paperbag shorts is putting on your comfortable pair of sneakers. Thus, feel absolutely comfy alongside astonishing.




Accessorize your bags according to the outfit you’re carrying with your Paperbag shorts. When you’re wearing them formally with blazers, button-down and heels, complete the look with a handbag. While with a feminine look, carry a sweet side bag and when casual catch up a trendy bag of your liking.



Light and simple necklaces are a good statement piece for paper bag shorts. They add to the elegance and are also wearable with any style you are about to pull off.



Sunglasses are essential during summertime. And pulling off the cool sunglasses with Paperbag shorts is a trend in itself. Thus, hop onto the trend.



That’s another statement piece to your classy and cheerful Paperbag shorts. With hats together you’ll totally stand out at the beach day or casual hangout.

These tips on “how to wear Paperbag shorts” will surely help you to grab some attention and gift your lovely compliments. If you know some remarkable ways to style this modish garment piece, share in the comments.


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