The BEST Style Tips for Short Girls

Sometimes there`s a dress you really want to put and be on-fleek in it, but you avoid that because of your short height? Well, that`s not a problem anymore. Being short is not your choice, but it makes you look so adorable and forever young. And when the essence of a sweet look is added to your dressing up no wonder you`re going to be loved for how tiny yet so cute you look.

Fashion Tips for short girls

There are many celebrities who rock the short girl’s style and outfits like Kourtney Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, Ariana Grande, Kristen Bell, and many more. Here are a few such awesome style tips for short girls to make them look even prettier and perfect.

Wear Flares for the visual impact of long legs

Flares were something so trendy in the ’70s. But no wonder they still have made the place in the hearts of fashion lovers. Short girls should surely try this hack out. The flare starting at the knee and combining it with some high heels would surely make you look elongated. This is an amazing short girl style and you should definitely try it.

Maxi Dress with split defines the small figure

Fashion tips for short girls include that it’s important while you choose a dress. Maxi dress with a split might is something that you could try. The dress styled that way will give more definition and balance to the small figure. Flaunt your short girl style.

Look for your Proportions

Unless you want to look younger than your age, go for floaty fabric. If not, dress in something that it tuckable at your waist, so to give you a more of a grown-up feature. Anything high-wasted and structured skirts are really sweet and best for short women to acquire the grown-up look.

Yes for the skirts above the knee

Skirts are a versatile outfit. For short women, the shorter skirts will make the legs look elongated and are going to just make you look a bit above your height. Longer skirts are just going to make you swamped within your dress. But still, if you want to go for longer skirts, avoid wearing chunky and put on a pair of high-heels. You`ll simply rock the look.

Ankle boots for short girls

Ankle boots are absolutely lovely and adorable pieces for your legs as they enhance your look even better when you try it out with already recommended above-knee skirts. Try out the longer boots over your knee will present you even shorter which you probably want to avoid.

Peplum blazer: A go-to for Short girls

A blazer that is short enough and flares at your hips defines your body just perfectly. The longer lined ones would just seem you being immersed within the cloth. Choose shorter, tailored jackets over longline duster coats any day. This is a foolproof fashion tip for short girls.

Dos & Don’ts on How To Dress If You Are Short Woman

  1. The first rule of thumb for petite women is to follow the 2/3rd – 1/3rd rule. It just means that you do not split your body into two halves with your dressing. Instead, you cover 2/3rd of your body with the bottoms and the remaining 1/3rd with your top.
  2. Layering is the best way to spruce up your look, but do not overdo it and make it overwhelming.
  3. Do not choose dresses that stop in the calf region – either keep it short till the knees or till the ankle.
  4. Be watchful of where the shoulders sit – they need to be on point and not be too tight or too loose.
  5. The same holds good for your sleeves as well; they should fall till the tip of your arms and no further. They can be shorter, but not longer.
  6. Monochromes are your best friends – keep them close.
  7. Stay away from outfits that are too boxy and square-shaped; it does not suit your body type.
  8. If you choose stripes, choose vertical, especially for one-piece dresses, trousers, etc. The tops can be horizontal.
  9. Wear heels or some elevated footwear – the most obvious way to look taller.
  10. Accessories and belts – always keep them slim and svelte instead of broad and bulky.

How much more adorable the short angles would look with these styling tips for short girls upon their pre-existing cuteness. Do try these style tips for short girls and spread your angelic aura anywhere you go. Also, don’t forget to mention your review in the comment section right below.

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