Wrangler: The Iconic Western-Style Jeans That Dominate Mainstream Fashion

If you were to name a brand of denim just of the top of your head, there is a one-in-three chance it’s going to be Wrangler. Yes, Wrangler is up there alongside Levi’s and Lee forming the holy trinity of denim fashion. But unlike Levi’s and Lee which are seen as the go-to bottoms for city-folk, the name Wrangler has more edge to it.

If the authentic Western style is what you’re after, then your jeans search should stop at the Wrangler clothing Australia suppliers. For more than a century, Wrangler has been making rugged jeans for every workman, cowboy or rodeo star out there. The brand has branched into making other clothes beyond jeans and even has non-denim products, but it’s the boot-loving, indestructible Western-style jean they’ve become almost synonymous with.

the Wrangler clothing Australia suppliers

How It All Started

Wrangler’s humble beginnings are the perfect representation of the American dream coming to life. It all started with C.C. Hudson, a twenty-year-old who decided he’s going to try his luck in the textile industry which was then just emerging in the US.

After sewing buttons on overalls for several years and earning just 25 cents per hour, the company where he worked closed. So, Hudson along with his brothers and a couple of others had the idea to buy some of the machines and start their own company. And so, the Hudson Overall Company was born in 1904.

To their surprise, the company quickly gained success, and in 1919 they built the first factory in Greensboro and renamed it the Blue Bell Overall Company. After years of success, Blue Bell purchased the Casey Jones Company in 1943 and also got the rights to a less known brand name of Casey Jones – Wrangler.

Soon after, Blue Bell began designing a special jeans line for cowboys in 1947. So, when the workers voted to give the new product a name, their unanimous choice was Wrangler. And thus, the name synonymous with Western-style was born. The iconic line was promoted with an advertising campaign graced by many rodeo stars like Freckles Brown, and Jim Shoulders.

Thanks to the rodeo stars, the brand soon became known all across America. So, how did Wrangler jeans grow into a worldwide phenomenon and a staple in fashion? Well, the company never really shifted their line to target the average consumers away from the ranches. The shift sort of happened spontaneously when people disappointed by the turned to the more robust Wranglers. And by 1996, the majority of the denim pants sold in the world were Wrangler.

Putting the Spotlight on Durable Construction

You’d be surprised to learn that most Wrangler jeans are made only of cotton, with some designs also including a tiny bit of polyester or elastane for stretch and ease of movement. Depending on the style of jeans, the thickness and weave range differ. The slimmer the style, the lighter and stretchier the fabric. Nevertheless, even the skinniest models in the range are still sturdy and durable.

The embroidered “W” that graces the pockets of these jeans is one of the most instantly recognisable logos. Today, the people that buy Wrangler clothing for sale are those who prioritise quality design and want a pair of jeans they can wear for years, if not a decade.

the Wrangler clothing Australia suppliers

The Best-Selling Pieces

Wrangler Wrancher Dress Jean

Even though it’s referred to as a jean, the Wrancher resembles more of a pair of regular pants than blue denim. And for a reason, since this line was designed in the 1970s to give cowboys the ability to dress up for fancy occasions without losing their country vibe. They feature a slightly flared cut, and while they are actually built for men, they’ve been a favourite among women too, especially among women who like street style.

Wrangler Regular Fit Jean

This type of jeans is available in both a dark and light wash. They fit just like a man’s jeans should fit – loose without being baggy, with some slack and slightly bunch up at the foot so you can wear them with both sneakers, boots, trendy Oxfords, and any other type of shoe you have in your closet.

Wrangler Retro Slim-Fit Boot Cut Jean

Every modern man should have at least one vintage-style clothing piece, and this is definitely it. This pair of jeans is the best of both worlds: a contemporary slim-fit cut to accentuate men’s physique and retro embellishments and finishes. And best of all, they match perfectly with the key fashion pieces for the cowboy style.

In addition to looking fashionably retro, this line of jeans also boasts an impressive 5-pocket design perfect for the guys who have trouble staying organised when out and about.

Wrangler Aura Women’s Jean

The Aura is one of the most flattering jeans a woman could ever wear. In addition to having a grey wash so that it will look good as part of any ensemble, it also comes with instantly slimming features. The tummy control panel, no-gap waistband and slimming side seams will make you feel extra comfortable in your own skin.

the Wrangler clothing Australia suppliers

What the Future Holds: Focus on Sustainability

As more and more people in the world feel the effects of climate change on their skin, so does the interest in buying sustainable, eco-friendly products grow. Considering that Wrangler’s denim can withstand a lot more wear and tear than your regular pair of jeans means that by buying Wrangler clothing Australia retailers sell, your already doing your part for sustainability.

But the company doesn’t just stop by opposing the fast-fashion industry. Wrangler has succeeded in saving 5.5 billion litres of water by 2020. They’ve also made a pledge to power all their facilities with 100% renewable energy by 2025. And if that wasn’t enough, Wrangler has started an organisation to help cotton producers adopt the best practices for soil health, free from any pesticides and fertilisers and without the excessive use of water.



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