Baddie Cold Weather Outfit Ideas For Women

Winter is a baddie’s best friend. The cold weather can be pretty bad, but it also means we get to wear all of our favourite cosy outfits and look cute, stylish while still warm. But what kind of baddie outfit should you wear in the winter?

Soft pastel shades and oversized sweats with chunky sneakers, you can picture the baddie aesthetic. Baddie exquisite offers an effortless feel to every outfit you wear. Here are compiled some baddie cold weather outfit ideas for women that will keep you looking stylish and feeling good no matter how low the temperature dips below freezing.

comfy baddie winter outfits

There are so many ways you can dress up in cold weather without compromising your bad girl image. Here’s how:

Baddie outfits for winter

Layered Formals

Winter calls for layering. And mixing up the high and low you’ll steal the show. Start off by picking out your formal pieces. That tailored pants, sweaters and long coat all above offers you a luxurious baddie look. Or layer your sweater vest after your shirt. Boots to elevate the basics. And just elegantly sway the baddie vibe. Even the cord pants add to formal essence by preserving the warmth.


Bold prints

The baddie is a bold look. And bold prints definitely is your go-to this winter. The prints will be the statement of your outfit keeping your cool intact. A loud print pants and keep the rest of the outfit silent. Let the prints shout the bad.  A shearling jacket adds an instant cool factor to any look. A beanie, and some platform sneakers to go together.


Dress up Ladylike

I am woman. I am divine. Ultimate baddie. Dress feminine whereas keep your look tough. Make your cloth pieces classic with a midi skirt and a warm top. You won’t freeze after you seal the deal with a chic faux-fur jacket or a coat. Even a sweatshirt is a great pairing. Complement the look with lug sole boots. Now that’s called next-level cool.


Try out colours

Mix and match bright neon colours, neutral tones, and pastel pink for going with the baddie vibe. From your makeup to outfits, match the hue or mix match them. Complement the colours with confidence at the end. You’re looking fabulous.


Baddie cute winter outfits

Bucket Hats

Baddie is not a scary image. Baddie aesthetic is the blend of streetwear and the latest fashion trends. The cute bucket hats are totally in trend all along the winter. Pair a fuzzy bucket hat with a cardigan or wear a cheetah-print bucket hat with a leather blazer. A tie-dye bucket hat makes your entire outfit fun. Cool girl, yet so cute.


Chunky Sneakers

Chunky sneakers are a huge trend with the baddie aesthetic. Easy to style with almost any outfit it creates a fresh and sporty vibe. There are endless options to go with your chunky footwear. Pair it with a trench coat and miniskirt, or wear a pair of tracksuit pants, a crop top and woollen outerwear to defend cold. The chunky shoe and boots will always support your style. While for the colour, a neutral shade fits everywhere.



Cropped cardigans are just flattering for petite girls. And they can be worn for creating a baddie look during colder days. A cropped cardigan can spice up your getups instantly with a dash of funky retro flare. Pairing it with a plaid pleated mini skirt gives a transformation into a preppy and more sassy style. Also, the bucket hat matchup is effortlessly spicy. Or hop into your darker shade oversized cardigan. Doc Martens, baggy jeans a fluffy turtleneck and an oversized cardigan.

Comfy baddie winter outfits

Baddie Puffer Jacket Outfits

A winter theme is justified by the puffer jacket. Saving you from that chilling cold also saves your baddie aesthetic. You can select from the neutral edition, Retro style, to oversized puffer jackets for variations in style. Fill in the details with options like a sleek black leather midi skirt or a Fair Isle turtleneck in neutral tones. Add a pair of cowboy boots for an unexpected twist. In the spirit of “cool girl” style, throw on your puffer when you step outside.


Flare pants/Baggy Jeans

Set your sweat pants aside for a while and opt for flared pants. Yoga pants or flare leather pants. For an edgy elevated casual look go for the monochromatic hues. Heels are perfect for go-to footwear. And another baddie outfit option you have is baggy jeans. Embrace the return of baggy jeans by styling a relaxed pair of flares with a fitted turtleneck. And a belt to create balance with the slouchier bottoms.



Baggy attires add coolness to your silhouette. And sweatsuits are the perfect attire for the swagger baddie image. Go for colours or keep it neutral from head to toe. Sweatsuit is sure to flaunt your vigour this winter. Casual, trendy and emitting the baddie vibe. Pair it with some combat boots or chunky sneakers! The comfort you get will make you obsess with the sweatsuit trend.


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