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Was it a century ago or is it now? The trend for overalls?

Whenever it is, they’ll always be regarded as the fun fashionable outfit option.

While the tomboyish overalls are preferred and tried by many fashionistas, the flirty overall dress is a one-and-done piece. Simple to style and a fashionable choice. The trendsetters also have pulled-off the overall dress in such a lovely manner that makes us feel, oh why didn’t I have it in my wardrobe until now?

How To Style Overall DressNot to forget, overall dresses are for all year round. Light-weighted in warmer days and thicker in cold days. And yes, you can stick to this lovely voguish piece anytime you want to. The dungaree-style straps on top and then the form of a dress at the bottom is a real sweet-sharp combo. Therefore, let’s explore how to wear an overall dress?

How To Style Overall Dress

Overall dresses add a feminine twist to overalls and can be both dressed up and dressed down.

Not to forget, we can spot many terming overall dresses as childish, but when styled right, they add that casualness and chicness along with playfulness. Moreover, these look great with anything. That’s what we want our outfit to be, balanced and versatile, right? Here, we go with tips to style this flexible piece.

With button-down

Overall dress can go from making you look cute for casual days to bold for formal days. Wear it along with a button-down shirt and finish the look with polished pairs of footwear. Leave some bold impression on the presentation day.

Stripped Tee and Sneakers

Happy casual wearing for a casual day. Stripped Tee and sneakers are worn together with an overall dress pull the look together. The stripes are trendy, the overall dress is trendy and so are the cool casual sneakers. That stylish look accompanied by a cute backpack.

Striped overall and non-stripped tee

Oh yes! That’s a reverse to the former outfit. To remind you, overall dresses aren’t always plain. And the printed overall dress says “suit me.” Paired Together with a plain t-shirt and flats or strapped footwear adds an extra look. Have a statement necklace and bracelet that goes with the outfit.

With Mock-neck

Seek for a feminine look with an overall dress. Mock-neck will add the remaining essence. A pair of ankle boots and loops!! Try it out and you won’t be disappointed.

With off-Shoulders Tops

How to Style an Overall Dress

Off shoulders aren’t an off-trend. And which is why they go perfect with the overall dress. Add an attractive footwear and straw hat for a more fresh look.

With blouse

This is a mixture of feminine pieces and stylish pieces. And the combo gives off a great result. Choose your favourite blouse from the wardrobe to mash up with the overall dress. Putting your bold earrings on and nude heels with a purse make you ready for the night out.

With sweaters

Colder days call for warm sweaters. Pick an oversized sweater. Wear tights for extra warmth. Match up with chunky boots with of course the overall dress. And that’s a cool look completed with a chic side bag.

Floral overall dress

Overall dress can be fun. Choose a floral overall dress for the spring. Doll up with simple footwear of your choice and fewer accessories.

Highlight is the “Overall dress”

Overall dress is the jewel whether you layer any top underneath or not. As a statement, knot a scarf around the neck or wear a simple necklace. And give the look a closure with strappy heels or flats or cool sneakers. That’s a sexy and refreshing look for summer.

Hence, that are few of the styling tips for overall. What other ways do you know to style them? Add them in the comments!

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