How to Wear Chinos | Outfit ideas and Style Tips

The chino is defined as casual cotton pant typically khaki in colour. They’re not the pants your dad wears but are the most stylish and comfortable piece of clothing you can own. They are the perfect pants if you’re looking for something comfortable and stylish at the same time. Chinos are incredibly versatile as you can go from a really formal look to a more casual look depending on how to wear them. The fabric is also really breathable and more comfortable compared to your jeans. They are the perfect alternative to your denim jeans.

They also come in lots of other incredible colours like grey, green, red, maroon and even blue. You can wear them according to the seasons. If it’s summer you can go for something vibrant and bright like red, maroon, green or sky blue. Something that represents tropical colours.

For the winter or fall you can go for something of a darker shade like charcoal, black, grey, navy blue or brown. Something that represents the season. If you want something to wear year-round then the khaki-coloured chinos are the best option.

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How Should Chinos Fit? | Style Tips & Guide

So apart from owning a few pairs of chinos today, I’m going to tell you the 4 ways on How to Wear Chinos.

Super Casual

Toss on those incredible trainers, sneakers and casual kicks like vans. Put on your favourite pair of slim fit chinos. Cuff them to show a little ankle skin. You can also go for the jogger style chinos which are still in trend. For your shirt, you can go simple t-shirt, long sleeve shirt or a shirt if you want to layer up. These are perfect for just going out to the park or the nearest cafe.

Casual Pants

How to Wear Chinos

How to Wear Chinos

Chukka and Chinos

The second outfit consists of a nice pair of leather or suede chukka boots to pair with your chinos. Not into chukka, you can also wear Chelsea. The tip is you want to look casual yet dressy.

These go perfectly with your round or V-neck sweaters or even a nice coat depending on the look you’re going for. You can wear this look for your next date and immediately look more sophisticated.

How to Wear Chinos


How to Wear Chinos

Casual Work Wear

So your workplace allows you to wear casual wear. Then you can definitely wear chinos with some a checked shirt and some oxfords or even a nice pair of loafers. Roll up those sleeves and pair it with a leather watch then you’ll be the coolest guy at work.

How to Wear Chinos


How to Wear Chinos

Leather me up

If I haven’t said it a thousand times chinos are really versatile. This next look includes a nice leather jacket, a crew-neck t-shirt, and your perfect slim fit chinos. Pair them up with a nice pair of chukka or any leather boot then you’re gonna end up looking dynamite. The perfect look for going out to the nearest pub and having a few drinks or going on a bike ride.

How to Wear Chinos

What Shoes to Wear with Chinos

From sneakers to wingtips, you can wear almost any type of shoes with chinos. Here are some of my favourites:

How to Wear Chinos

  • Spring/Summer – Loafers, driving mocs, boat shoes, sneakers, sandals
  • Fall/Winter – Boots, chukkas, brogues, bluchers, camp mocs

The only types of shoes you should avoid are flip flops (because those usually don’t look good with any type of pants) and super dressy shoes (like patent leather Oxfords or velvet loafers).

Otherwise, when you’re wearing chinos, you have a wide range of footwear to choose from.

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