Homecoming Dress and Outfit Ideas For Guys and Girls

Homecoming is a semi-formal event where schools’ alumni plan to visit the school they graduated from. This once-a-year tradition is a lot of students’ most desired event, whether they are still in high school or are in college. Homecoming is a fun-filled week that includes plenty of different activities – from football games to dances. And the homecoming dance is the best part of the whole occasion. Many guys and girls look forward to the event and are in wonder what should they dress up in.

Worry not buds!! We’ve got you covered.

Homecoming Dress and Outfit Ideas

Since it’s not a complete formal event, you have choices. Here are homecoming dress and outfit ideas for both guys and girls.

Homecoming Outfits for Guys

Dressing for homecoming isn’t that very tricky if you plan it beforehand. yes, with your date. Discuss the dress with your date and the colour too. Stay matched. Also, you should probably have an idea how much formal or casual you should be going based on the formality of the event. Don’t stress and keep these as your options.

Dress Shirt and Tie

If it’s a semi-formal homecoming, wearing a dress shirt and tie is an appropriate look while exhibiting the sense of style. Coordinating the colour of the shirt with your date while choosing the tie of your style reflects your sophisticatedness. Keep your pants plain and something that doesn’t overshadow your top.


Suits have been versatile for any of the occasions. And your homecoming is as much perfect as to give your suit a go. Black has always been classic. But try out the colours, this homecoming. Something other than black, in your favourite colour, that’s extra and keeps all the eyes landing on you. That’s a classy homecoming dress for guys to try out.

Patterns and Textures

Another way to make your homecoming fun and extra is picking up the trendy patterns. Instead of plain and solid colours, experiment with patterns and textures. You could give a try to velvet suede instead of cotton. Or be bold with prints or stripes!

Ditch the Shirt

Now, the mix and match style is very cool. No wonder shirts are the best friend of man. But now could be a time to face the change. Instead of a shirt, stick with your plain and comfortable t-shirt paired with your suit or formal pants. It sticks to the dress code and still makes you peculiar. A dress shoe will shine out perfect.

Suspender and Bow tie

Another casual homecoming outfit for guys is moving out of suits and sticking to something that preserves the dress code. Just a shirt and pant if seems too plain to you, a suspender and bow tie will save you from sinking. Sleek and fashionable, they are just perfect to try for your homecoming event.


Accessories add spice to your outfit. No wonder they complete your outfit perfectly. A nice belt buckle or a unique set of cuff links can go a long way. Also if you want to be a bit more on the subtle side, you can NEVER go wrong with an unconventional pair of socks!

Homecoming Outfits for Girls

Girls, homecoming shouldn’t stress you out too. Before buying your homecoming dress, you need to determine whether the event is formal or semi-formal and choose your dress accordingly. Discuss the code with your date. Then, find a dress that flatters you and still matches your date.  Homecoming dresses don’t have to be as huge as your prom dress but still, you’d shine with these homecoming dress ideas.

For homecoming 2021–glitzy sequins, silky ’90s satin, and princess tulle are currently trending and you should absolutely consider them. Or the bold patterns, funky tide-die and other epic choices can serve you an un-boring look and be the classy homecoming dresses to try out.

Short dresses

Save your long gown for the prom and swipe right to the cute short dresses. Anything above the knee and flatter your beautiful legs. Shorter styles keep you pretty and polished while ensuring you stay effortlessly elegant all night long. From sophisticated shifts to playful skater dresses, there’s a style for everyone with these homecoming party dresses.

Bodycon dresses

A bodycon dress is a versatile outfit to try out for formal to semiformal and even casual events. Thus, for such a figure-flattering fit, try a style with ruching & gathering. An interesting detail like that is indeed head-turning. Sparkly sequin and shimmering glitter. bodycon is the best option for not going too bland. Are you seeking, How to Style a Bodycon Dress?

Cocktail dresses

Cocktail dresses in several designs are the outfit choice for the event. From strapless to one-shoulder or even with long full sleeves or spaghetti strapped, cocktail dresses add the perfect essence to your homecoming dance. Choose from lacey or silk fabric so the dress remains within the events dress code. Nude heels and blingy accessories will be glamorous statement pieces to complete the outfit.


Accessorising is important to complement the outfit in a perfect manner. Hence, choose your accessories wisely. If your dress has a high neckline, put more focus on your shoes and some cute earrings. On other dresses, choose a shoe that matches the glamour level of your outfit. Also, your shoe needs to be a comfortable one so you can dance out the whole night and enjoy your homecoming to the fullest. If your outfit has statement details like ruffles, just match with a pretty heel and skip on accessorizing. Let the dress steal the show.

If you choose to dress in a semi-formal outfit for homecoming, go for a rich-looking fabric like a tulle skirt paired with fitted satin or laced shirt. Also, a bold pattern on the top or bottom should go well with a rather solid colour on the opposite clothing.

And hence, while considering the latest trends, you might ultimately find a dress that you feel comfortable wearing. Keep your outfits from sexy to modest as you prefer. But whatever you pick, what makes your outfit unforgettable and makes you shine bright is an outfit of your favourite style.

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