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As the cold winter passes and we welcome the warm summer breeze it’s time to transition our look. From layering our clothing and keeping yourself warm to keeping yourself cool and looking stylish as well. Although summer season might not provide guys with as many fashion choices as winter there are still ways to change your style and outfits. Keeping that in mind here are a few must-have mens outfits for summer.

Bright and Colorful Shorts

One of the most essential parts of any mens summer outfits is shorts. It’s the only time you can wear them. They are comfortable, easy to wear and stylish. Chinos Shorts are great for the summer. Make sure your shorts are a good fit. The length of your short should end right above your knee. For colors, you can go for navy blue, cream, black or even pastel. If you are going with bold colors try something bright like blue, orange, red or something more smooth like pastel and cream. Try to balance out shades of blue with a neutral addition, and include prints like stripes, patterns, mini-florals, etc. The best way to master summer outfits for men is to not overdo them!

Mens Outfits for Summer  Mens summer outfits

Mens Outfits for SummerMens Outfits for Summer

Mens summer outfits

Floral shorts are also great if you want to liven up your look. Other shorts include floral swim shorts. If you’re going for a more casual/sporty look then sports shorts is a good option. Sports shorts and swim shorts are shorter compared to other shorts so wear them where it’s appropriate.

Shirts With Variety

Shirts can be a tough outfit to keep stylish. You can only do so much with a shirt and a jeans combo. But there are styling options for shirts. Focus on the materials first. You want to wear light fabric clothes to keep yourself cool.

Striped t-shirts are a great option instead of solid color shirts. But that doesn’t mean don’t wear them. Try going for some light colors if you do end up wearing solid color t-shirts. If you want to look more formal/casual then you can wear a polo shirt. Again colors that are light are your best options.

Mens Outfits for Summer  Mens Outfits for Summer

Floral Shirt   Floral Shirt

floral shirt

Mens summer outfits

For buttoned-up long sleeve shirts go for lightweight linen. Plain colored shirts are easy to find and it goes with everything. For short sleeves again go for lightweight fabric.

Floral shirts are also really good for summer. They add a different look than the plain shirts. Try to find the right design and prints and make them your statement piece. Floral shirts look great with chinos and white sneakers. They create the perfect tropical look.

Your Goto Pants

For pants I recommend Chinos. The lightweight material was made for the summer weather it’s for the beach or for a brunch date. Plus you can also get various color options. Khakhi is often the go-to but you can also go for other colors such as navy blue, olive or even grey. White Chinos are also great to keep yourself cool and stylish. It may get dirty quick but if you want to stand out you gotta take the risk.

chinos   Mens Outfits for Summer

If you want something even more comfortable than chinos then wide leg linen trousers are your best option. It gives you plenty of breathing room which in the summer is definitely needed for guys.

Summer Hats To Top Off Your Outfit

Summer can get hot and you will need every bit of protection you can get from the sun. Hats are usually underrated when it comes to outfits but they can be just the missing piece of your outfits. It can also be a lifesaver for a bad hair day. A standard baseball cap can top off your weekend looks. Do not go for those cowboy hats or fedoras. Instead, go for natural materials such as a straw hat.

Straw Hats

Right Footwear and Shoes

Loafers area great option for summer footwear. You can pair them with your chino shorts to create the perfect cruise outfit. If you’re not into Loafers then leather sandals are another alternative. You can’t just wear any leather sandals though. Go for sandals with intricate, interwoven straps or asymmetrical designs. Vans are also great options they are casual and come in many designs.

Leather Loafer   Leather Sandals

Mens Outfits for Summer


The sun isn’t always out in summer so you will need to have outerwear for when the sun goes down. You won’t be wearing it all day so it’s good to have it with you. A lightweight bomber jacket or denim jacket are great choices. Again for colors try wearing something light such as cream color or light washed denim jacket.

Light Bomber jacket   Light Denim Jacket

Light Denim Jacket



Invest in a good pair of sunglasses. Colorful bracelets are also a great look for your summer outfits. No matter how style-conscious you are bracelets are in whether you like it or not. If you don’t like wearing bracelets then try wearing a nice watch with leather straps. Leather belts are also a must. Accessories are one of the essential men’s summer outfits.



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